Thoughts and Happenings

Thoughts & Happenings 5/24/16

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Things are about to be really different around here with the addition of baby Elizabeth so that’s why I decided that I wanted to start blogging again. I think it’ll help me during the early weeks to be able to write about breastfeeding and healing and everything, plus I am happily looking forward to getting back in shape and plan to share updates on my blog.

Writing is like therapy for me and since my anxiety has been a bit high lately (at night), I’m thinking about exploring management options here.

monitoring babyI’m 35w2d along now. I watched her heart rate go up and down this morning on a monitor looking for contractions. The midwife kept saying how perfect she was doing. I had the appointment because I’ve been having back pain since yesterday and it was a good excuse to go get checked out. Turns out, the pain was the start of another kidney stone passing. I now have an renal ultrasound scheduled for Friday at the hospital.

While I was there, I asked her if she would go ahead and do the GBS test so we could know the results before the upcoming long weekend and she was happy to oblige. I am so anxious to know the results – I hope they come back in twenty-four hours instead of the possible forty-eight. My next appointment with her is on Friday after the ultrasound. It was supposed to be next Tuesday but she wants to see me sooner, so yay!

I am beyond tired of being big and uncomfortable. And kidney stones make it SO much worse. :( As if I need pain on top of the discomfort. Blah, pregnancy takes too long. lol

I’ve been getting things ready, though. Baby clothes and blankets have been washed, hospital bags are packed, and furniture is all put together. Hopefully, I only have a few more weeks to go! I can’t wait to hold and snuggle her.

If I’m not hurting tomorrow, I need to focus on finishing planning curriculum for next year. I’ll have an eleventh grader, a seventh grader, and a Kindergartener. Oh yeah, and a newborn. haha

Dinner tonight will probably be a frozen skillet meal (pasta and veggies) and bread. I don’t think I can stand (literally) to do more than that, and anyway, I need to go grocery shopping in order to buy ingredients to make anything good. Hopefully, we’ll make it to the store tomorrow. I should probably make my meal plan and grocery list before then.

I might watch a movie with my daughter, Maggie tonight if I nap well this afternoon, but more than likely I’ll be in bed as early as I can be instead!

Have a great week!

4 thoughts on “Thoughts & Happenings 5/24/16”

  1. I’ll have a Kindergartner this coming school year as well, and we have already homeschooled preschool! I even taught our preschool class at our Co-op this past year! I’d love to hear about the curriculum you use and even how your typical day looks! I’m the type that can just say “oh we will do it when we do it” and usually my girls want to do school around 2-3pm. I have a hard time being consistent with a schedule, so I’d love to read a post about how you arrange your day and tips you’ve learned!

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    1. It’s great that you’re able to be flexible! I think it’s just that I’ve been using schedules with my older two for so long that it makes me feel like the little guy needs one as well (when really he doesn’t).
      Hmm, I may have to write about different aspects of homeschooling down the line (curriculum, planning, schedules, etc.) since you’re not the first to suggest it!

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