Thoughts and Happenings

Thoughts & Happenings 5/26/16

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After finding out on Tuesday that I’m still just 1cm dilated and baby’s at -2 station, I feel like I can finally be physically active without having to worry about causing preterm labor considering how long dilation takes and how far along I am (35w4d). So, I exercised today! I power walked a 15 minute mile (with side-steps and knee lifts, etc.) while holding 2lb weights and then took a break before doing another mile an hour or so later. Then, a few hours after that one, I did one more. All three miles caused near-constant contractions and frequent cervical shooting pains. lol See? I couldn’t have done that to myself without knowing the current state of my cervix and everything! I feel really good today. :)

Yesterday, the boys and I spent the afternoon doing lots of shopping. First regular grocery shopping, then to three other food stores to pick up sale items and specialty items. I am so glad my back pain was/is gone – I’m finally getting stuff done! I even finished curriculum planning for next year, woo-hoo!

And speaking of school…I’m still trying (in vain) to figure out some specifics in regards to Samuel. I really want to do his lessons at the same time each day but I’m scared to even start anything because of baby Elizabeth’s imminent arrival. I don’t want him to think of her as the reason mama isn’t doing school normally (even though, of course she would be the reason!) :P And my personality makes it REALLY hard to just do it as we’re able to each day. O_O I don’t know what to do about this. Probably just leave it alone until I see a pattern emerge each day that would allow us enough time to sit down together and do his workbooks. I can always do other activities (reading, puzzles, etc.) at various times, but the things he thinks of as “school,” well I really want to do them at or around the same time each day.

Well, I had enough today of the kids not getting along and pretty much blew up at them tonight. The older two have the ability to keep things happy and peaceful with the youngest one and yet they fight with each other and have little tolerance for him, (which makes him seem even more intolerable). And I’m about to have a baby so I am freaking out! I want to bring her home to a calm environment! Is that too much to ask?! I mean, they are mostly good with each other, don’t get me wrong, and they really do have pretty decent relationship with each other, but they could do so much better. And they DO do so much better when they see how much they are stressing me out, but I want lasting change. I want Samuel (4 ½) to have a positive example to model, and I want to continue liking homeschooling, which gets more and more difficult when they aren’t getting along.

On a happier note, my husband, Stephen is off for a four day Memorial weekend, starting tomorrow. :) He just called me to say he’s on his way home! He’s going to go with us to my midwife appointment in the morning and then we’re going to stay out and do some things.

And one more thing…the appointment will consist of a blood test to check my platelets one more time (they’ve been lowering slowly over the course of my whole pregnancy, just like last time), a cervical exam, belly measurement, weight, b/p, and urine. I’ll be 36 weeks on Sunday. :)

2 thoughts on “Thoughts & Happenings 5/26/16”

  1. Ok, this is strange for me to keep commenting on your posts because I’ve always loved reading blogs but I’ve NEVER been much of an interactive blog reader….I enjoy reading the posts and even all the comments, but I usually don’t participate. Maybe it’s just the baby hormones making me feel more attached…who knows?!!? :)

    Anyway, after reading this post I’m going to have to go read more of your blog because it sounds like we have quite a bit in common. And I’m exactly one week ahead of you in my pregnancy! I’ll be 37 weeks on Sunday! You can probably look forward to me sticking around and pestering you;) Thanks for sharing!

    Oh and by the way, we live in metro Atlanta! About 30-45 minutes outside the perimeter. But I don’t share specifics on the blog, so I can’t say exactly where. But we’re close!

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    1. How cool! Well, we’ve probably been stuck in Atlanta interstate traffic with you before, then! lol
      I’m happy to hear we have so much in common (in addition to location, I mean). It’s always nice when we find someone to relate to. :) I just started this blog (after taking a long break from blogging) so there aren’t many posts to find but I’ve got several drafts going already and lots more ideas floating around for future posts in my head, so stay tuned! I’m looking forward to your upcoming ones, as well! XO

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