Thoughts and Happenings

Thoughts & Happenings 5/28/16

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It’s Memorial Day weekend. So glad that Stephen is home and getting to have a break from the concrete business. He was really sweet and took the kids out yesterday afternoon for about three hours. They went to a few stores and then out for ice cream. They had a good time and I had a great time being alone at home! And that was after going out by myself for the whole morning! I went to my midwife appointment, to the library, and then stayed out to do a little shopping.

My appointment went well. :) She was very glad to hear that I passed the kidney stone on Tuesday and was no longer hurting. She checked me again and I am now 1 to 2 cm and 50% effaced. She asked me what I’m doing this weekend, like I might end up at the hospital. Hmm…

So, I haven’t gained any more weight in the last two weeks but baby continues to get bigger anyway. :) I’m still at 163lbs. I’ve gained 18lbs total, which makes me very happy since 20-25lbs is the goal that my midwife and I set a number of months ago. I was 145lbs at the start of my pregnancy which, when combined with my height, gave me a BMI of 24.9 (alllllmmmmoooossssttt overweight) so it has been nice not gaining the typical 25-40lbs that I normally do during pregnancy. I am determined to get in shape and back to at least 130 by the time she’s one year old!!

e.l.f.After the appointment, I went and bought a pair of new tennis shoes (to help with the above goal after her birth!) and somehow they were the very first pair I tried on! Nice, right? Then, I went to Target to pick up a few random things like milk and makeup. I ended up finding some e.l.f. products that I really like.

I’m so proud of Maggie; she finished her online driving course a few days ago with a score of 96% and is now ready to go get her drivers license. She’s been driving with her learner’s permit since her birthday, last April (2015), and I definitely trust her to be on the road alone at this point. In all likelihood, she will be the one to drive me to the hospital when I’m in labor! I never thought I’d have a sixteen year old and a newborn at the same time but it’s pretty cool. :)

Probably TMI, but I’m 35w6d pregnant so that’s allowed…I woke up at 1:25 this morning with nausea and an upset tummy. Had loose stool and cramping, went back to bed, got back up for a repeat bathroom session twenty minutes later, and then slept pretty well until 8am (remember, Stephen’s home!) I’ve had menstrual-like cramping most of today and more loose stool. Who knows what’s going on, but maybe hormones?

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