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The Bright Side of Disaster ~ A Book Review

bright side of disasterby Katherine Center

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It reads like a blog in many ways; it is humorous and realistic, with relatable characters (see below) and a storyline perfect for women who are currently pregnant or caring for a young baby. It was also an easy read, which, again, is perfect for new moms who have limited time and focus to give a book!

When looking at the inside cover to check the copyright date, I saw that it is categorized as Chick Lit. I have never heard of this genre before, but if other books labeled as such are as enjoyable as this title, I am sure to have plenty of reading material available to me once my little one comes and I am nursing non-stop. :)


Jenny ~ likeable and relatable…a new mom dealing with relationship issues

Dean ~ semi-likeable, it’s fun to dislike him at times…a spoiled band member who panics just before the birth of his child

Meredith ~ semi-likeable…a good friend until love comes her way

Gardener/John ~ very likeable…a great companion and help to his neighbor

Jenny’s mother ~ likeable…a loving and supportive presence in her daughter’s life

Jenny’s father ~ likeable…a charismatic and fun parent

Dean’s mother ~ unlikeable, though she’s enjoyable to dislike…a controlling and judgmental force in Dean’s life


Jenny is very pregnant, engaged, and not all that happy with her fiancé, Dean, but she is settling for what she has in her relationship with him until everything changes in a single moment. From that moment on, her life is unrecognizable, with old relationships ending and new ones beginning, all while raising a new baby!

do I recommend it? yes!

…if you like humor

…if you like realistic fiction

…if you don’t mind some bad language

…if pregnancy and motherhood are of interest to you

Check this book out:



Author’s Website

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