Thoughts & Happenings 6/3/16

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My cervix was 2cm dilated at my appointment this morning. :) Things are getting real!  With just two days left until I’ll be 37 weeks and full term, we started talking more about labor, and also…the possibility of induction. Because of my age (I’ll be 36 tomorrow), they like to keep a closer eye on the baby near the end, so they do an ultrasound at 38 weeks. Since I change weeks on Sundays, my scan is scheduled for the next day, which will be Monday, June 13th. As long as everything looks good, they’ll be satisfied to leave things alone and let me continue on in the pregnancy for one more week. At that point, I am eligible for an induction, which I’ve decided to take. My husband and I have weighed the pros and cons, and it seems like a better option to be at the hospital (which is an hour from my house) before labor starts, and to get the course of antibiotics needed to do our part at preventing GBS infection in the baby, instead of making it there too late to have a full four hours.

So, we have a date set! If I don’t go into labor on my own by June 19th, we’ll be headed to the hospital on Monday morning, June 20th at 5 o’clock! The plan is that I’ll have Ampicillin for three hours and then they’ll start me on Pitocin. I’m figuring, by then, that I’ll be three or more centimeters so it shouldn’t take a whole lot to get things happening. All I will have to do is be in labor for at least one hour and then I will have had four hours of meds before her birth. :) Interestingly, I was 39w1d pregnant with Samuel when he was born (I was 4cm dilated at the office that morning so that’s why I’m hopeful), and if I make it to my induction date with Elizabeth, she’ll be exact same gestational age. I wonder what she’ll weigh…*swoon*

It’s surreal to know that there are just sixteen days or less left until she will be born! Ahhhh!!!!

cookbookAfter my appointment, the kids and I went to the library (a different one than the other day). I found a cookbook that looks really good. I’m planning to flip through it and choose a few recipes to try soon. I want healthy and balanced meals to be how I start the postpartum period. :)

I have been exercising most days lately. Power walking, a mile at a time (so I don’t overdo it), and it feels great! It makes me a little bit nervous because of the contractions that start coming, but it’s so good for me and it obviously hasn’t sent me over yet, so I’m going to continue!

Well, it’s a hot day and I have the little pool full of water for the boys, so I’m headed out there to be a whale of a lifeguard! lol

Have a great weekend. ♥

2 thoughts on “Thoughts & Happenings 6/3/16

  1. We could have our babies at the same time!!! My due date is the 19th but I’ve gone over with both kids. With this being my 3rd, I’m thinking I’ll be right on time or just a day or 2 overdue. How fun to share a birth/delivery day. I’ve never thought about induction the way you put it, as far as it being the wisest decision with your circumstances. I’ve always been against it, but I’ll definitely be more open minded now that I’ve read your story! Definitely sounds like you made a great decision:)


    1. That’d be awesome!! :)
      Yeah, I’m totally the same – induction has always just seemed to be a convenience (which is why I’ve never chosen to have one), but there really are some situations that it’s the wisest decision for the mom or baby. I started feeling nervous about it last night after the excitement wore off, and I pray she comes naturally before the induction date, with enough time for meds and our arrival at the hospital. I just want things to go smoothly with her health.

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