Thoughts & Happenings 6/17/16

living lighter thoughts

It’s getting CLOSE now!! I am just two days away from being 39 weeks. :D

I’ve been working on some fun projects this week. I made a French photo/memo board, some cloth dinner napkins, and I bought the materials needed to make a nursing (breastfeeding) necklace and a lanyard keychain. Tutorials to come!

Today, I made my husband a key lime pie for Father’s Day. It’s one of his favorite desserts, yet I haven’t made one in forever. I made it early because who knows if I’ll feel up to baking on Sunday (or if maybe I’ll be too busy holding a newborn!!!) so I decided to make it today.

Yesterday I swept, mopped, and vacuumed. Oh, and cleaned the master bedroom’s shower. I wouldn’t say I was comfortable doing any of it, but I’m rarely comfy these days anyway, and I figure that the physical exertion can’t hurt my going-into-labor efforts! lol

This afternoon, the kids and I are going to run errands. I need to return a few things and pick up a few things at Walmart, drop off the recycling, buy some minis at Bath & Body Works (for the bags I’m putting together for the midwives), and to Dunkin Donuts for Maggie and Joshua to get their iced coffee fixes. :P

Here’s how I’m looking at the moment. *sigh* I can’t wait to meet her!


4 thoughts on “Thoughts & Happenings 6/17/16

    1. A nursing/breastfeeding necklace is for the mother to wear while feeding the baby so that he/she has something to feel and fiddle with instead of grabbing her hair and other jewelry. ;) Some people also like to wear them to give the baby something to look at and stimulate them, but my motivation is for my new little one to have something to touch. :) These necklaces are sometimes made with silicone beads (which are great for teething) and others are made with fabric (with beads or marbles inside). Look on Etsy and type “nursing necklace” and you can see what they look like. I’ll probably start wearing one once my baby is 3 or so months old. <3
      And hi, neighbor! *waves* We're close to you!!


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