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Cloth Menstrual Pads ~ My Experience

I started using cloth menstrual pads over two years ago and my sixteen year old daughter joined me in using them last summer. I initially decided I wanted to try them simply due to the high cost (!) of disposable pads and tampons needed for two females. But then, I loved them so thoroughly that I knew I would never go back, and after hearing me rave about them for many months, Maggie asked me if I’d buy her some. We are saving some serious $$ these days!

Now, she does still use disposables for really heavy days because she’s more comfortable doing so, and I was still using tampons before finding out that I was pregnant last October, but the majority of our monthly cycles cost has been eliminated by using washable pads.

What Do They Feel Like?

They are completely soft and comfy! Unlike disposable pads, they do not have that plastic-y feel to them, or that swishy sound that some throw-away pads make. I like the feel of flannel but I’ve seen some people also use minky and I’m sure that feels amazing, too!

Caring for Them

They are no different than any article of clothing that’s been soiled. We deal with dirt, oil, food, and vomit without thinking twice – but there’s this line of thinking that says blood is somehow different – it’s NOT! If a child were to skin their knee and get blood on their pants, we wouldn’t throw the pants in the trash, we’d wash them, right? It’s the same with cloth menstrual pads. :) This is how I’ve come to be okay with the whole thing.

The actual process of laundering them is easy.

When a pad is soiled, I rinse it out with cool water and put it in a bin next to the washing machine. We do so much laundry at my house that it will only sit there for a day or two at the most! And then it gets thrown in to the next colored load I wash. No hassle! I used to put all the pads in a bucket of water until my cycle was over but I found that they started stinking – no idea why! But when I rinse and let them sit dry, there is no odor.

They can be hung to dry or tumbled in the dryer. Easy, easy.

more padsTo Buy or Make?

I am now sewing my own pads based on patterns I made myself (!), but the majority of my stash (and my daughter’s) was purchased on Etsy. If you can’t or don’t want to sew your own, I highly recommend looking around on Etsy. There are tons of shops with pads. My first pads were purchased from a shop called Cozy Cloth; her pads are completely waterproof, super comfortable, and have made me a 100% supporter of using cloth. Not to mention, they are really cute. :)

Have you made the switch to cloth menstrual pads yet? Share your experience! Do you have questions about them? I’d be happy to try and answer them! 

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20 thoughts on “Cloth Menstrual Pads ~ My Experience”

  1. This concept is new to me and I appreciate your post. I used cloth diapers with both of my babies and I wish more Moms would try them. Saving money and saving the earth are great reasons to try using cloth pads!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No problem! Yeah, I cloth diapered my third child (and will with baby #4 as well) and I think it was that switch that motivated me to look at other cloth options. :) Hey, I clicked to visit your blog but the link said the site was deleted…do you have a current blog?


      1. I am sorry that my link didn’t work! My Blog is Let me know if that doesn’t work either please, thanks.


  2. I love my cloth pads!!! I’ve even made myself a set of postpartum pads to use with this delivery because I figured if they’re that much better normally, imagine how much nicer they’ll be at the most sensitive time of my life! I used to only use tampons because pads felt like diapers. Now I love wearing pads. And to make up for tampons, I use a menstrual cup. Have you looked into those any? I love mine, or at least I did up until I got pregnant this time! It’s a learning process but once you get it right, the cup is amazing! I have a diva cup and it’s great.

    I’m really looking forward to using my cloth pads again as soon as I have baby. Haha how funny is that? I’m actually excited to used them:) and since I’ll be cloth diapering, it won’t be a hassle to wash any of it because it can all go together. I could go on and on about how much I love cloth but you obviously already know 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES!! I have looked into using a cup and finally decided that I was going to buy one last October once my cycle started (to use the following month) and then, of course, I got pregnant! lol But, yeah, I’m going to get a Diva cup once it starts back up again this time (which generally happens somewhere between four and six months even though I exclusively b/f!)
      I’m not so much looking forward to having to use pads, hehe, but I know what you mean! ;) Now, I AM looking forward to cloth diapering, which is bizarre!

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  3. I love cloth pads ! It helped me be brave enough to try out cloth diapers. :-D

    The cups never have fit good no matter the brand, i have a retroverted uterus so that might be why. Just not a good fit. But mama cloth is so amazing for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Interesting! I got brave enough to use cloth pads for me after using cloth diapers with my third baby. :) I have a prolapsed bladder so I’m not sure if I will be able to wear a cup or not, but I’m going to try once my cycle starts again.


  4. This was really informative! I never even knew there was such a thing lol. I briefly thought about cloth diapering but eventually decided against it because it was so out of my comfort zone but maybe I’ll try cloth pads to help me get used to the idea. 😊

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    1. Oh, absolutely! I love how they feel, which is such a change from disposables considering how much I disliked them. :P
      Have you ever considered making them to sell in your shop?


    2. Haha, that’s true…children’s toys and some menstrual pads for mommy! :P Yeah, pads definitely take time to make but I find if I make a bunch at a time they aren’t too bad. Probably not something I’d want to make full time, but I wouldn’t mind doing them occasionally. I’m currently sewing some pantyliners so these are on the brain! lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re right, I need to do some more for myself too – the metal press studs have pulled through the fabric. Do you use metal or plastic press studs (or maybe you call them ‘snaps’)?


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