Thoughts & Happenings 6/20/16

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Well, today is induction day. Or, it would have been if I hadn’t cancelled. :P And so, here I am – still very much pregnant yet feeling like I made the right decision. I’m 39w1d, with a baby the exact same gestational age that Samuel was when he was born. *awww* I know my husband and kids are about to die with anticipation, and I’m, of course, more than ready to have her in my arms!

I had a midwife appointment again this afternoon but we left the house early so we could shop at a thrift store beforehand. I had a (text) coupon to get 50% off my entire purchase, so I really didn’t want to let that one pass me by! I found two pairs of men’s flannel pajama pants that I’m going to use for their fabric, a DVD (Where the Heart Is), and these for Elizabeth:

striped pants

I paid just $3 for the pants and two long-sleeved shirts! I love gray but I have very little of it (lots of pinks, violets, and blues are what’s in her closet at the moment) so I was thrilled to find such cute pieces and for so little $$. :) They’re obviously not going to be able to be worn until the weather cools off, but I can wait for the cuteness!!

So, at the appointment, I had the ultrasound to check fluid levels and her activity. Fluid was great but she was sleeping and didn’t move at all until we were just three minutes away from the cutoff of 30 minutes! I wasn’t worried about her because she had been awake for a full 45 minutes just a little while earlier, so I knew she was fine, but I was worried that they wouldn’t think she was! Thankfully, she woke up just in time.

I caved and had a cervical exam, lol. I’m 3cm and 70% effaced. I couldn’t just not know…*sigh* And since the exam, I have been having contractions all afternoon but they’re not changing into more intense or painful so I know it’s not the real thing yet. I’ve given up on exercising as of two evenings ago – the amount of contractions working out was causing was unbearable!! I’m done…destined to be physically chill until she decides to come. :P

Nothing else to report, I don’t think. It’s just a matter of waiting now….

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