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Photo/Memo Board for Baby

Elizabeth and I are going to be spending lots and lots (and lots!) of time at her changing table for the next year or more. Because of this, I knew I wanted to make the area special. One thing I decided to have nearby (well, above) is a photo/memory board. We’ll be able to talk to her about whatever we hang on it. Photos and maybe artwork that her siblings have made…so many possibilities!

changing table

I could have gone out and bought one but they can be expensive and I’m so picky (!) that I thought it wiser just to make my own. It cost me under $10 to get everything I needed from Hobby Lobby, and I love the final product. :)

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french board materialsIf you would like to make one like ours, here’s what you will need:

16x20in canvas (I got a 2-pack, used a 40% off coupon and paid $4.79)

½ yard fabric

coordinating ribbon

5 buttons

hot glue gun and sticks


Wash, dry and iron your fabric. Lay the fabric on your canvas and cut out the amount needed to cover it (you want it to wrap around the edges). Hot glue the fabric in place.


Cut two pieces of ribbon long enough to make an “X” across the board. Hot glue them in place (on back of canvas). Cut four more pieces of ribbon, and place them equally distanced apart. Hot glue them in place as well.

buttonHot glue the five buttons on the ribbons’ cross-sections.

That’s it! :)

up close


I can’t wait to be able to enjoy this with her. :)

Have you made a photo/memo board? Where did you hang it?

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