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My Due Date Baby

WP_20160626_20_48_59_ProI can’t believe it – baby Elizabeth was born yesterday morning, on her due date! I will make this brief and give lots more details soon, but here’s the overall rundown…

I went into labor at 4:30am, got to the hospital at 6:45am (6cm dilated) Got the antibiotics for GBS(!!) Fully dilated and effaced by 8:30am. Pushed for 90 minutes until finding that her position and size weren’t going to work. Ended up having to have a c-section – my very first. My platelets were miraculously at 100,000 even though they have been dropping slightly over the entire pregnancy and were down to 96,000 five weeks ago. Them being at or above 100,ooo made it possible for my husband to come in to surgery with me because I could get a spinal block instead of being put under general anesthesia.

She was born without any problems. Healthy and safe, weighing 8lbs 10oz. More on the c-section part later (what an experience!)

Recovery has been so hard. Like nothing I’ve ever been through before. Breastfeeding is coming along but it was not gentle and natural the way I’m used to because my body is so, so sore.

Anyway, gotta go for now but I’ll be back soon to share more.


Read Elizabeth’s birth story HERE

25 thoughts on “My Due Date Baby”

  1. Yay! Congrats on your sweet little girl ❤️ I’m so glad you decided against the induction…you would have been miserable being induced when she was in the wrong position! I’m so happy for you now that she’s here:) enjoy that precious baby and get some rest.

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    1. Thank you! I know (!!) what if I’d gone ahead with the induction and then ended up in surgery anyway? I would have regretted it (and probably questioned my fault in it) even though there was absolutely nothing that we could have done differently. It’s beyond hard to be in so much pain while caring for her but I have lots of help and she is such a blessing. <3 I'm off to read your birth story soon!

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  2. Congratulations! She’s lovely! Birth is so unpredictable, even when you have plenty of experience! I too had an emergency c-section after 2 natural, drug-free births. It comes as quite a shock. The main thing is your both well. Take care xx

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    1. Thank you! XO Oh, interesting – have you ever shared your birth story online? Is it on your blog? I’d love to read it. Yes, it was a TOTAL shock to end up in surgery after everything! I am so, so thankful that we have the kind of care and medical technology that we do in 2016. <3

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      1. No, I’m afraid I haven’t, my blog is quite new and that birth turns two this week! But YES! That was a huge reality check for me – to know that the time and part of the world I live in saved my life. Another time and place and I might not have been so lucky. It’s very humbling. I also pushed for 90 mins and was in a huge amount of pain before they checked me and found his head was stuck facing down. They gave me an epidural, tried to use forceps, but couldn’t and did the c-section. By that stage I didn’t much care what happened to me. It feels so much in the past now. Sorry to write so much! I hope she’s sleeping well for you now :-) xo

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        1. WOW, that sound sooooo much like my birth experience!! The epidural and forceps are the only difference I can see. ((hugs)) We went through the ringer, didn’t we? :P Aww, an early happy birthday to your almost-two-year old! <3

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  3. Congrats, shes gorgeous !!! Her chubby face is so cute. ❤ I’m so sorry you ended up with a c-section. 😰 All mine ended up c-sections, too. Take your time recovering, don’t feel about asking for the pain killers, and the abdominal binder helped the most with my first section. I didn’t feel like my organs were falling out. They wrote it as a prescription and i got it the next day. Its good quality. I had to ask two to three different nurses the second time until someone knew what i was talking about.

    Anyways. Hang in there, you got this mama. :-)

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    1. Thank you! XO She is our little chipmunk – we are loving the cheeks!! lol
      I really appreciate you talking about the abdominal binder because I read your comment while at the hospital (we’re at home now) and I, too, had to ask like four different nurses/midwives to get me one and everyone said yes but didn’t get it for me. I finally got one about five minutes before we were discharged! :P


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