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Home from the Hospital

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My cesarean happened mid-morning on Sunday and we came home Tuesday early evening. I originally thought I’d want to stay for as long as possible because of the pain I have been in, but by Monday night I’d realized that they weren’t doing anything for me that I/we couldn’t do ourselves at home. I wasn’t taking any strong drugs (just Tylenol and Motrin) no longer needed help changing pads or anything personal like that, and I was beginning to (slooowwly) walk unassisted.

I also just really wanted to get home. My husband, Stephen, was caring for the boys and having to drive the hour and a half hour round trip to the hospital every day. He didn’t mind at all, and they were fine, but Samuel was starting to really miss me and I definitely missed him. Maggie stayed with Elizabeth and me at the hospital the whole time and WOW, what a sweetheart she was – such a huge physical help and an encouragement to me!! She got very little sleep and it was also really hard for her to see me in so much pain, but she stayed. I am so grateful. ♥

Another reason I wanted to leave were the pressures of being there. Formula (well, supplementing with it) was pushed a little too much because my milk hadn’t come in yet (it wasn’t’ supposed to have!) and narcotics were pushed because of my pain (which I hadn’t been complaining about!) so yeah – I didn’t like those pressures.

I talked to my midwife on Tuesday morning and she agreed that I could go home, but she insisted that I continue to really take it easy. Not to get home and start taking care of the family and house. She really didn’t need to worry about that – I had no intention of doing anything but resting and loving on sweet Elizabeth once home!

The pediatrician happily approved her getting discharged as well. She was doing wonderful and there was absolutely nothing keeping us there in regards to her.

So, the boys came and picked up the girls, and we all went home…through a thunderstorm!


We’re all doing well now, but I had to return to the hospital last night due to a severe spinal headache. Will post more on that later probably (or not…it wasn’t fun at all). And I will definitely post how the first days are going with breastfeeding, sleep, and other baby-related things SOON! :)

14 thoughts on “Home from the Hospital”

  1. So glad you’re home and comfortable! Elizabeth is precious! I couldn’t stand the pressures at the hospital either but they required me to stay at least 24 hours and then complete a whole checklist of things before discharge. I could have put my foot down and demanded to leave but I was concerned that insurance might require some of the tests to be done. Anyway, take it easy mama! You need to recover 100% or you won’t be able to take care of your family. Enjoy the down time because you deserve it ❤️

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    1. Thank you! ^_^ Yes, all the testing they offer/ require is crazy! We decline some of it or we have certain limitations (like it’s to be done while baby is nursing, so as to reduce stress), but you hate to keep having to put up a fight! I was super relieved when she tested as being low risk for jaundice (based on the forehead test) because it meant they wouldn’t have to do blood tests or light therapy! Did your hospital do the forehead test, too? That was new to me.
      Yeah, even 24 hours of a hospital stay is no fun after a vaginal birth! How are things going at your house? :)

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      1. They did the forehead test! Thankfully! But one thing that frustrated me was they did a blood glucose test every time he ate for 12 hours because he was a big baby. They automatically assume that the baby can’t keep up since he was big. But all my kids have been big and I never had to do th glucose test before. They had to prick his heel every time, which was so sad because I already knew it was unnecessary. But I knew it was better to just get it over with than to refuse it. And of course at the end of the 12 hours the nurse was shocked because his glucose reading were better than normal sized healthy babies!!! Anyway…we are doing great! I forgot how much I enjoyed nursing. And I’m loving cloth diapering as well. It sounds weird to say that but I really love it! We got to give him his first real bath last night, which is always a fun milestone but he HATED it😂 poor guy. I’m looking forward to keeping up with your posts and seeing how our babies reach milestones together!

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        1. I was going to reply to you shortly after you commented but my phone sometimes doesn’t let me reply (!) so I’m just now on my computer to do so! We had to do the 12 hr (every three hours) glucose tests, too because she was “large for gestational age,” or LGA. Really? 8lbs 10oz is big for 40 weeks?! Weird. Anyway, she passed with flying colors, too, and I was just glad those pokes didn’t seem to be any worse than what you or I would have done to check our blood sugar. There are some other tests that require a bigger poke, and more blood. :(
          I haven’t started cloth diapering yet. I’m choosing my challenges, I guess you’d say! Maybe by next week I’ll feel up to adding a little bit more work in the diaper department. I hope so because I have some super cute newborn cloth diapers that I made and I want her to fit into them! :P
          I’m really looking forward to your posts as well! It’s very cool to have another mom as a friend who has a baby literally just a few days older than mine! I love it! :)

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  2. beautiful little girl congrats im enjoying your blog and cant wait to be a dad my self .maybe give me a follow

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