Thoughts and Happenings

Thoughts & Happenings 7/2/16

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Baby Elizabeth is six days old and is doing so well!! My milk came in on Wednesday and she is eating, pooping, and sleeping beautifully. I’m still working on getting her to accomplish a deeper latch because it hurts ME when she nurses so shallowly, but she isn’t phased at all. ;) Her first pediatrician’s appointment was yesterday afternoon. Her weight was 8lbs8oz! When we left the hospital, it was down from 8lbs10oz (birth) to 8lbs1oz, so that means she’s gained 7oz in about three and half days – yay, breast milk!

Stephen has decided to use more vacation days than originally planned so he can continue taking care of me, so instead of returning to work on the 5th, he’s going to be home until the 11th. I am so relieved since I’m not yet ready to do the parenting thing alone.

Maggie started Camp NaNoWriMo yesterday morning. It goes for the whole month of July. Her word count goal is 30,000. She’s been really looking forward to this and has the majority of her book planned out. :)

Sam and E

Both boys (4 and 12) are absolutely smitten with their little sister and Maggie (16) is basically like a second mother to her – she is very maternal and loves caring for her. I love seeing them all so happy with her arrival. They sit and stare at her as much as her daddy and I do!

A few days before she was born, I learned how to make super cute headbands with felt flowers and now she’ll actually get to wear them! I hope to be able to post a little tutorial soon. Here’s a preview:


Tomorrow, I’ll share how the first postpartum week has gone, in detail – so stay tuned!

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