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Beauty Product FAIL ~ Blotting Sheets by E.L.F.

I’m sure I’m way behind the times, but blotting sheets first came to my attention just last summer and my life hasn’t been the same since! I have really oily skin so I am pretty much shiny all day long during the hot, summer months. :( But as soon as I heard about oil blotting sheets (on a YouTube video, I think), I got on amazon and ordered a pack. I lucked out in that they worked amazingly well and they happened to be the first kind I’d ever tried. Here’s that brand, if you’re looking for a good one.

Anyway, this post is about a failAnd I’m sharing it, not to complain, but because I don’t want you to make the same mistake that I did!

About a month ago, while looking at E.L.F. blush pallets at Target, I saw that they had blotting sheets as well. And they were only $1 for 30 sheets! I jumped at the chance to save some money and avoid having to buy my regular brand online, which I was running low on. I was a happy lady driving home from Target that afternoon.

Well, I finally ran out of my old ones a few days before having baby Elizabeth, and I was ready to try the E.L.F. ones. Boy, was I disappointed. I guess I shouldn’t have expected much for that small price, but…

Anyway, here are the differences between the old and the new blotting paper:


Live Fresh Naturals

They are dry, very papery sheets. When you place them on your face, they literally pull/absorb the oil off. You can move and blot, move and blot, and they keep pulling. You can turn them over and use the other side and they keep drawing the oil off. They impress me with just how much oil they hold.

E.L.F. Shine Eraser Blotting Sheets

They are a funky, brown color and seem almost oily to begin with. When you press one against your face they pull maaaayyyybbbeee half of the oil that the other brand pulls. If you try to pick up and move the paper to another part of your face, it sort of transfers the oil around instead of picking up more. They are smaller, too. I’d have to use probably five sheets to get the same results as just one of the other. elf blotting

So disappointing. And I’m not alone! 29% of reviewers on Amazon give these a 1 star rating.

* * *

Have you found a brand of blotting sheets that you just love?

I’d love to hear your recommendations!

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2 thoughts on “Beauty Product FAIL ~ Blotting Sheets by E.L.F.”

  1. Ahhhh! I love ELF products but I made the unfortunate mistake of buying these once As well. I was so upset with it! I mean it was just $1 so I wasn’t losing a ton of money but it’s just frustrating when something doesn’t work. I like the Walmart brand blotting sheets though. I think they’re a knockoff of one of the big names like clearasil or clean &clear or one of those. They’re in the face wash section instead of the makeup aisle. Like I said, I usually love ELF products, but I’ve run across a few of their items that were just duds. They have a product (I forget what it’s called) that is supposed to keep your lipstick from running, like a barrier around the edge of your lips. I tried it and even looked t up online to make sure I used it correctly. It was like a bright white wax type product and it literally left a bright white line wherever I drew with it! I guess technically my lipstick didn’t run, but it was horrible looking!

    Thanks for sharing the review. Even though I already knew this particular one was a dud, I love reading other moms reviews on things!

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