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Homemade Cloth Pantyliners

My sixteen year old daughter and I use washable, cloth menstrual pads. Most of them have been purchased from the Etsy shop, Cozy Cloth, but I’ve also made some, too.

Maggie recently asked me to buy or make some pantyliners because she doesn’t like the disposable ones we normally buy. So I set out to find a pattern/style that I could make while waiting for her little sister to arrive! I wanted it to be different from the regular pad design I use simply because I like variety but also because there wouldn’t need to be a waterproof layer.

I saw lots of possibilities but ultimately I liked the look of a winged, one-piece pad with a sewn on center piece. Sorry if that sounds confusing, but I’ll show you what I mean. :) I made a pattern by tracing a liner and then making symmetrical wings. Notice the folds? I wanted exact symmetry and new I couldn’t wing it (no pun intended). ;) Please ignore the snip I accidentally made.

pad pattern

You may remember that I said I bought some flannel pajama pants to use as fabric for a project? Well, this is one of the projects! (note – sorry for the lack of photos)

  • All I did was cut out two layers of plaid around the pattern with right sides facing each other and then sewed them together fairly close to the paper with a straight stitch, leaving a two inch opening. Next, I turned the plaid right side out and closed the opening by doing a top stitch all the way around.
  • I used white flannel to make the center area. Again, I just traced a disposable liner we had and cut out two layers. Same as above, I sewed them together (¼ inch seam allowance), leaving a two inch opening and then turned it right side out and sewed a top stitch to finish off.
  • Then, I combined the two pieces. I just zigzag stitched the white center onto the plaid “pad.”
  • And the very last step was to sew on snaps/clasps. I used ones that have to be hand-sewn, but they are super fast to do and significantly cheaper than most other snaps (especially when purchased on sale for 50% off at Hobby Lobby).

panty liners

completed panty liner

While they work perfectly, I actually decided to keep these for myself and make Maggie some that are “cuter,” and a little more clean cut. :) She chose some Star Wars flannel a few days before Elizabeth was born, and I’ve cut out several layers but I’ve yet to sew them. I’ve not exactly felt up to sitting at a sewing machine (I can’t imagine why, lol!) but I’m feeling a little bit better each day so hopefully I’ll be able to finish them soon. <3

Anyway, there we go! Homemade, comfy and washable liners!

Do you use cloth menstrual pads/liners? If so, do you buy them or sew your own?


pantylinersUpdate: I made Maggie’s pantyliners. ^_^


4 thoughts on “Homemade Cloth Pantyliners”

  1. I have some that I purchased and a bunch of homemade ones. I’ll have to do a post about my stash with some photos! I love yours!!! I’m all about reusing fabric from other items to save money. I use the kam snaps on all of mine. I found a great deal on Amazon last year that came with the pliers and 200 snaps for like $18! So worth it to not have to sew them on.

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    1. I’d love to see your stash! Wow, that was a really good deal you got on those snaps! We have the pliers and some snaps but my husband ends up having to do it because I find it extremely frustrating so I usually just hand sew! Lol

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