Thoughts and Happenings

Thoughts & Happenings 7/7/16

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Baby Elizabeth is ten days old and things are going well! I’ll be doing my second postpartum post on Sunday with lots of details, but a quick update is that I have improved by leaps and bounds in the last several days!! My pain and discomfort are significantly less and breastfeeding is finally going great. Yay! :)

fixed dinner by myself last night – that’s a first since coming home! Maggie’s been cooking (definitely a good reason to have a sixteen year old and a newborn, lol) but I felt up to it last night. I made spaghetti and breadsticks. :)

Stephen’s only got a few more days home with us before he has to return to work. I’m feeling a bit anxious about it because his presence has been so calming and supportive, but I know we’ll be okay. I think I’m more sad than anything because it means he’s going to be tired and overworked again…and he won’t get to really enjoy Elizabeth the way he’s been doing. :(

It’s amazing how nights are going! I don’t feel like I have a newborn at all because I’m getting more rest now than I was while pregnant. I had insomnia and had to get up to pee so many times every night in the last trimester (and the first) that I was more sleep deprived then! :| Currently, she’s waking to eat twice each night, after having nursed at 11 or 12. So, usually it’s 11pm/12am, 3ish, and then 6 or 7. And no poop in the middle of the night yet. (I’m probably jinxing us at this point!!) Anyway, yay for good sleep!


Hope you’re having a good week. ^_^

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