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Bye-bye, Nails (See You Next Summer!)

nails longI had to cut my fingernails this morning.

My lovely, strong nails. My hormonally healthy nails, lol.

All through my pregnancy with Elizabeth, and now during these postpartum weeks, my fingernails (and hair) have been so radiant! They don’t break – they are super strong. I have thoroughly enjoyed having them.

But the time has finally come. I can’t risk poking or cutting her any longer! Bad mommy for waiting almost two weeks to do something about this!

Have you ever tried delatching a baby from the breast with a fairly long nail? Doesn’t work so well. :| Haha

So, they’ve been cut. I have a child’s hands again. Well, except for the rings. :Pnails short

I’m probably silly for thinking that I might be able to start letting them grow out by this time next year. But that’s where my head is at the moment. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the fact that I can touch my sweet baby without concern or risk of injury! ^_^

Mamas, what are your nails like?

6 thoughts on “Bye-bye, Nails (See You Next Summer!)”

  1. Mine were so long and strong too and I had to clip them. Yeah…getting a nursing baby to let go is hard enough as it is, no need to add any complications from long nails! But mine are still growing super fast. I need to clip them now and that will make 3 or 4 times since he was born!

    I’m looking forward to punting my nails again, because I definitely don’t want to be putting nail polish in baby’s mouth.

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