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Postpartum ~ Week Two

Today marks two weeks since Elizabeth’s birth! This past week was far better physically for me than the first postpartum week. And I’m hopeful that the coming week will be even better.

The Incision

I was super excited last Sunday night (seven days postpartum) when I was finally able to move in bed and position myself for breastfeeding without help or terrible pain! Before the seventh day, I had to call my husband or sixteen year old daughter on their cell phones (so I didn’t have to yell) for them to come help me. So, it took one week for the incision to stop causing severe burning and for my abdomen to adjust to not holding a heavy “basketball” inside, lol. I haven’t had to use a peri pad for almost a week. :)

It feels strange to the touch. There is internal swelling, I guess, because it feels like a lumpy line. Sometimes I feel sore in the area of the incision, but that’s mostly – I think – due to where my panties are. Of course, the only kind of underwear I have is “bikini” style, which means there is a line ON my incision. I have to use a soft cloth to buffer the skin there. I didn’t know I was going to have a c-section or that my underwear would cause such issues – I need granny panties!

The incision/scar looks a lot better now, too. There’s no more bruising and it just looks like a purplish line. Also, there is a glue substance that’s sort of peeling away. When I went to my doctor’s office for an incision check on Wednesday, she said it looked fantastic, so that was nice to hear.

Leg Cramps

I started noticing that my calves felt achy on Sunday (again seven days postpartum) and then that night I had some muscle cramping while in bed. It basically just felt like what I had already been experiencing in late pregnancy. I called the midwife on-call the next day after reading online about deep vein thrombosis (DVT) because that can actually be fatal! She didn’t think I had anything to worry about because I didn’t have redness or swelling and it wasn’t awful pain, just a dull ache/cramp. I drank a Gatorade on Monday and that seemed to do the trick. I think it was just my body feeling a little taxed from all the breastfeeding. Nothing some electrolytes couldn’t fix. ;)

Postpartum Bleeding

I’ve had a lot less bleeding this time so far. I think it’s because I’ve spent a lot more time resting and healing than I did in the postpartum periods of the past. First cesarean here and it was a doozy!


I had good days and bad days this week. There are still a lot of positions I can’t sit or lie in comfortably. It’s like if there is any pressure to my middle back, it starts aching. Oddly, I can be on my back in bed and it doesn’t hurt, so that’s good at least!


I’ve been struggling with tension headaches for the last few days. It’s focused in and around my eyes. I’m also sensitive to light. I would really like to be relieved of these new symptoms. :(


Things finally started getting better (more comfortable) nipple-wise on Monday and by Thursday or so, I was grand. No more cracks or pain. I still get engorged when she goes longer than four hours between feeds, but that is a rare event now! She’s happily nursing like crazy, lol.


I feel great about baby Elizabeth and how my older kids and husband have responded to me and her birth. I’m emotionally tired of feeling sore and worn out, but I’m trying to be patient with my body and allow myself to heal without being annoyed with how long it takes.

Stephen returns to work tomorrow. I’m nervous (because I know myself!) that I may start trying to do more around the house once he’s not here to scold me! Maybe by admitting that, I will behave, lol.

Weight Loss/Body Image

bathing suit one and two

I thought it’d be fun to take pics of myself in a bathing suit that clearly didn’t fit while heavily pregnant and then watch as I lost weight in the postpartum weeks/months, so three days before I had her, I took the ones on the left. As you can tell from the photos, I am quite a bit smaller than I was two weeks ago! In the pregnant pics, I was weighing 166 lbs at 39w4d and the non-pregnant pics were taken this Friday (twelve days postpartum), when I weighed in at 139.8 lbs.

There is still some swelling that will take time to go down, and also a layer of fat I already had before getting pregnant (haha), but overall, I’m feeling good about how I look at the moment. :)

I’m still showering every day, letting my hair dry on its own, and doing my makeup. I’m so proud of myself! It makes me feel SO much better about life to be oil-free and have a bit of makeup on. :D

 Postpartum Week

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