Thoughts and Happenings

Thoughts & Happenings 7/12/16

living lighter thoughts

I found myself thinking about my cesarean yesterday. Thinking about it in relation to my next child. Will I have a repeat c-section or have a VBAC? We want one more child, for a total of five. I guess if I had to have a cesarean, it’s best it was with my second to last birth. My goodness, my baby is only a little over two weeks old and I’m thinking about the next one?! Well, it doesn’t surprise me…I actually thought about this briefly on the day she was born, once the surgery was over. But yesterday I really thought about it for a little while. I didn’t come up with anything, lol, but I thought about it. Both options intimidate me. Okay, enough thoughts about the future.

Elizabeth nursed at 10:30 last night and then not again until 3:30am. I am loving that she cluster feeds during the day now instead of during the night! She has some three hour stretches but she’s mostly eating every hour and half to two hours while the sun is up. :) Just fine with me!

Today’s my second day home as the only adult since Stephen returned to work yesterday. The kids and I all went to a thrift store and to drop off books at the library (we didn’t go in) and Elizabeth slept the whole time. I found five or six more pairs of leggings for her, all 50¢ each! And I got Joshua three night shirts and three pairs of comfy lounge pants. Finally, I got a VHS copy of Peter Pan and a DVD of Kung Fu Panda Holiday. The total for everything was $11 something! I was happy! And speaking of being happy…Happy “Prime Day,” if you’re an amazon customer! I didn’t see anything I needed or wanted on sale so that’s a good thing, lol.

Here’s a snapshot from yesterday – yay, I don’t look pregnant!  (sorry about the dirty mirror)

two weeks

11 thoughts on “Thoughts & Happenings 7/12/16”

  1. You look amazing for only two weeks postpartum! I seriously hope I can lose the weight after I give birth lol. Also I understand about already thinking about the next child and c-section. I was asking my doctor questions the other day about my next one and he said lets get through this one first haha!

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    1. Thank you! <3 I really focused on being healthy during the pregnancy and gaining only what was actually needed, but I haven't done anything toward weight loss afterward and it's seriously just fallen off! I seem to have stopped losing at this point, though. I think it'll take exercise (which I can't do yet) to lose more now. :)
      Good! LOL, I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking about next time!


  2. oh my goodness! you do look fantastic i still havent lost all of my pregnancy weight and my daughter is 28 years old! ha! and good for you thinkin ahead to no. five i come from a family of nine kids my twin brother and i the youngest no planning involved for my mom back then they just took it as it came. what a fun house of love and busy-ness you most have!

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  3. Alana slept 7 hours last night! It was amazing. The first few weeks, she was sleeping 4-5 at night… Then we regressed to about 2-3. She doesn’t sleep much during the day, but I’ll take it for a good night of sleep!

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  4. I’m incredulous you’re thinking about the next baby already! You bounce back so well! It’s funny, during my Caesarian, the medical staff made a point of telling me that next time I could still give birth naturally. I laughed hysterically and said there would be no next time!

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    1. Well, I’m not anywhere near ready to start the process of having another baby yet (lol), but I know we want to have one more eventually, so my mind was trying to make sense of how it might go. ;)

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