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The Skinny Rules ~ A Book Review

skinny rulesby Bob Harper

I have no interest in being “skinny.” I want to be slim and healthy, at my ideal weight, with feminine muscle tone! But not skinny. Skinny is not sexy or cute, both of which I’d really like to be! And my husband definitely doesn’t care for skinny either, so it’s not my goal. That being said, The Skinny Rules is a positive and motivating book, despite its pretty lousy title. The author focuses on a set of rules that, if followed closely, will result in weight loss and restored health. It is not about restriction or deprivation, and it isn’t a fad diet. It’s basically just healthy choices listed as rules. Some of them are things that I wouldn’t really think are that important, but they promote good health, so who am I to argue?

As you might already know, I am a new mommy again! My fourth baby is just two and half weeks old <3 and I am exclusively breastfeeding so I am NOT trying to lose weight at the moment. However, nearly all of the rules in Bob’s book are things I can do while nursing because they are just healthy habits. For example, Rule 5 is Eat 30 to 50 grams of fiber a day, and Rule 13 is Get rid of fast foods and fried foods – neither of these poses a risk to my milk production (in fact, they are ideal for it!) So, while I am not on a diet or trying to lose weight, I AM being mindful of my eating habits and I am trying to implement some healthy changes, many of which are because of this book. :)


The book is divided into three sections. Each chapter in the first section is a rule or principle to live by. Many of them relate to which foods to eat (and when), while others have to do with how to combine foods for maximum health benefits. The importance of hydration is also emphasized.

The second section takes said rules and uses them to make four weeks of menus. While I can appreciate these, it doesn’t appeal to me to have someone recommend exactly what I should eat, so I know I won’t ever be following them.

And finally, the last section is a collection of recipes for the menus. These I can definitely benefit from!

Favorite Part(s)

I particularly enjoyed the introduction, which surprised me. He is very down to earth and realistic about eating in America. He understands why so many people struggle and he is really positive about our potential to change.

I also found Bob’s past experience as a vegetarian, and his knowledge about animal protein, to be enlightening! I will be sharing my own experience on the blog at some point, and I’ll be sure to reference what Bob talked about. :)

Do I recommend it? yes!

…if you need to lose weight and/or want to make healthy changes to your diet

…if you want to be motivated

…if you don’t mind basically being told what to do, lol

…if structure and routine are of interest to you

Check this book out:



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