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Postpartum ~ Week Three

Slowly but surely is the theme around here right now, lol…

The Incision

While my scar continues to look better and better, I’ve unfortunately been experiencing a fair amount of pain and discomfort in my abdomen this week. Initially, I thought it was internal pain I was feeling in the bottom left side on Thursday – which worried me some – but then on Friday I realized that it was actually just the skin that was bothering me! Apparently, I’m getting feeling back to the area and it hurts. ??

Postpartum Bleeding

Lochia picked up at times this past week, but not to the point of concern. Basically, if I do too much it gets redder. And by “too much” I mean that I walked around the house (slowly) taking care of housework. :P I’m not doing anything strenuous at ALL. My body still has a lot of healing to do.


I had one day of frustrating back pain. It hurt in my middle back. The day before, I had given Elizabeth a sponge bath and had to bend to do it; I paid for it the next day.


The head pain and light sensitivity have improved over the course of the week, thankfully. If I am leaving the house (which is still rare), I have to take 650mg of Tylenol and then I’m fine even though I’m out in the sunlight. I have only needed to take it while staying home once, I think. Maybe twice.


Things have been going well with nursing. :) Most times she gets a deep latch and therefore it’s pain-free. Feedings are frequent during the day (every 1½-3½ hours) and between 4-5 hours at night.

I did have a day (Saturday) when I was experiencing little shooting pains in my breasts throughout the day but there were no other symptoms (redness, streaks, lumps, etc.) and by the next day, I didn’t notice any more pains. I’ve no idea what that was about. :/


I still felt good overall this week, but I had a few times in which I felt down simply because it’s taking so much time to heal. I’m tired of having the after-effects of pregnancy, childbirth, and surgery! Also, Stephen was at work all week so he wasn’t here to pamper me, which I missed greatly! I simply missed HIM, too. :(

Weight Loss/Body Image

I’ve been hovering just above and below 140 lbs all week, and eating well, so I’m happy. The scale had been going down a little each day but now it seems to have stopped. I can’t say it wasn’t exciting to continue seeing it drop, but it couldn’t last forever! lol I’ll be exercising again eventually, so I’ll get to those ten/fifteen pounds at that time. ;)

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