Thoughts and Happenings

Thoughts & Happenings 7/20

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Yesterday, I drove for the first time since my c-section! First, we went to a library. While we were there, Elizabeth woke up and needed to nurse. She is so loud while eating, it cracks me up! There we were, with a light muslin blanket covering my shoulder and back because I was wearing a regular shirt (without buttons) so my whole side and back were exposed when I lifted the one side, and she’s ferociously nursing making all kinds of noise, lol. At least we were in the children’s room. :P When putting her back in her carseat, she pooped bigtime so I changed her diaper and pants in the van.

Next, we went to an Oshkosh store so I could pick up a pack of underwear for Samuel. I was going to just buy some cheap ones at Walmart the other day, but it turns out that they’re not that cheap! And they are so much rougher feeling. :/ Oshkosh waistbands are super soft and the quality is higher, which is why I’ve always bought them for my boys. Oh well…anyway, they were on sale so it wasn’t that bad.

When leaving the store, the wind picked up and we realized there was about to be a summer thunderstorm so we hurried. Well, we outraced the storm (and it actually fizzled out almost completely) and got to Publix. Samuel had fallen asleep in his booster seat just before we got there and Elizabeth had just woken up and was not happy. So I handed Maggie the list and my debit card and she and Joshua went in to shop for me. I nursed her in the front seat and when she was finished she did another poop. I changed her again. She didn’t appreciate being put back in her carseat but we live very close to Publix so it was only a matter of a few minutes that she had to be in it.

Stephen was home from work when we arrived home. He is so cute. He rushed outside to get her just so he could cuddle her. Well, it was like 94° outside at that time (about 5 o’clock) so he took her inside to the air conditioning. She promptly fell asleep in his arms. After a bit, he placed her in her little bouncer seat (which we don’t bounce or vibrate, btw).

I started making dinner while Stephen went outside to watch as the boys played with water balloons in the driveway. Maggie went to the computer and worked more on her novel. Elizabeth pooped again! I changed her diaper and changed her clothes into what she’d wear to bed for the night. She is now in a size one of Huggies disposables because she weighs 10lbs 2oz and newborns weren’t fitting!

Dinner was turkey burgers and zesty fries. Oh, and sweet pickles from Trader Joe’s (if you’ve never tried these, they are amazing!!) We watched America’s Got Talent together until a little after 9pm, and then I got Samuel into bed. I went to sleep at about 10:30 after nursing Elizabeth. She woke at 1:30 and then again at 5:45. We got up for the day at 7:25. :)

Here’s a shot of my crazy hair baby after nursing yesterday (she’s in my arms) – I can’t believe I’d never even seen her face until three weeks ago!!content baby

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