Thoughts and Happenings

Thoughts & Happenings 7/21

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I started experiencing lightheadedness last week. My chest gets heavy feeling, I have shortness of breath, and I almost feel like I may faint. Well, I hadn’t really thought much of it for the first few days because I had basically the same during most of my second trimester. But the frequency of the spells has been increasing. And when I actually blacked out this morning and had to grab the counter to hold on, I realized it might be something of concern. It also occurred to me that the bleeding I’ve been having (bright red blood) started at the same time as the faint feeling started. I googled it and found a few old message boards threads with ladies talking about having the same thing, though no one talked about lightheadedness coinciding with new/different bleeding. The two explanations people gave after visiting their doctor were low iron levels and/or low blood pressure.

I called and spoke with one of my midwives this afternoon and she definitely wants me to come in. She asked if I could come in today or tomorrow and I made an appointment for tomorrow morning. I’m glad I’ll be going in, not only to see what this is about, but also because I want to discuss a pain I’ve been having in the middle/left side of my abdomen, which hurts like heck when I laugh or bend over. It concerns me because I have been improving so much as far as abdominal discomfort and then Bam! I have a new pain even though nothing happened?

I sure hope to know more tomorrow.

Anyone experience any of the above during the early postpartum weeks?


8 thoughts on “Thoughts & Happenings 7/21”

  1. I haven’t dealt with the light headedness or blacking out but a couple of weeks ago I did have a sharp pain when I laughed, moved, picked stuff up etc. it went around my side to my back as well. Turns out it was just a slipped rib and it healed itself in about 5 days. But it was not fun! Praying everything go a well for you at your appointment!

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      1. It’s just when the rib slips out of the cartilage that holds it in place…I think the hormones and such made it easier for it to slip out but it actually popped out when I was laughing at a friend. I guess it was REALLY funny but i don’t even remember what she said. Lol

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