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Postpartum ~ Week Four

It’s been four weeks since baby Elizabeth was born! She will be one month officially on Tuesday. ♥

This past week has been somewhat better as far as recovery goes, but one symptom sent me to see a midwife on Friday.

The Incision

Everything’s looking good at the actual scar. It’s still slightly purplish in color, but there’s no swelling and it doesn’t hurt. The skin over most of my abdomen is still very tender and sore, though. It’s frustrating to me that I can’t hold Elizabeth comfortably in certain positions because of the pain.

Postpartum Bleeding

Lochia gets really red and flows more heavily if I do much at all. I wondered if it were the reason for my lightheadedness but the midwife doesn’t think so.


Basically the same as last week. Sitting in the van seat makes it ache, as does the couch. But I can lie down in bed and it’s fine, and I can comfortably sit in most chairs now.


No headaches (yay!) but my eyes are still really sensitive to sunlight. Indirect sunlight. And sunglasses only help a little bit. I’ll be glad when this symptom is over!


Oh my word, I was SO hungry all week!! I haven’t been like this since…I guess when I was breastfeeding Samuel! Go figure. But it seems weird to me that it would hit at three/four weeks postpartum instead of right away.


Breastfeeding is just getting easier and easier, and better and better! The only time I have discomfort is when I’m engorged; if she goes longer than four hours or so, my breasts get really unhappy, lol. Then when I nurse, it hurts for maybe a minute or so, and then it’s perfectly comfy. :)


I was quite somewhat stressed out for a fair portion of the week. I’m feeling overwhelmed by the amount of lesson planning I still have to do by next Monday, and I’m starting to consider postponing the start of school for a few days to a week just so we can go into the new school year completely ready. I was also stressed about some stuff with the two older kids, but at least one of those is totally resolved and the other is better. The stress wasn’t good for my body, and I’m sure not good for Elizabeth either. :(

Weight Loss/Body Image

I’m dancing between 138 and 140lbs. (I’m totally NOT dancing) :P and I feel good about how I look. I can’t wait to start back exercising as soon as my body will let me – which will still be a long time from now, I fear. But that’s okay!

Here we are this morning, four weeks after her due date/birthday!

You’d think she’d look happier for the occasion, lol!

four weeks old

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