Recovering from Anxiety

Night Anxiety with a Newborn?

I am so pleased with the way nights have been for me this past month. From having a baby co-sleeping really well with me, and not having to get up to pee (!!!!!), to finally being able to sleep on my back again, I’ve been getting really great sleep! I was super sleep deprived while pregnant – like, the WHOLE pregnancy *ugh* – but not with a newborn. Crazy!

And the night anxiety I’d been struggling with (for a year) has apparently left the building! I think it verifies what I suspected: I don’t do well being alone at night. My mind just can’t shut down (consciously) when I’m by myself in a bed/room.

While pregnant, I’d hoped that sleep deprivation alone would be enough to keep the anxiety at bay once she was born, but I’d had no idea that I wouldn’t even BE sleep deprived! Or that I wouldn’t need it to sleep restfully.

I am so thankful.

I don’t know how I’ll do if/when Stephen has to work in the middle of the night, but he has already had to go in quite early (4am) and I was still able to stay in bed, so I have hope that I’ll do okay even if he’s gone. But we’ll see. I’m not going to be hard on myself if that does cause the old response.

Has there ever been a “magic cure” that has helped you to subdue anxiety?

4 thoughts on “Night Anxiety with a Newborn?”

  1. Hi! Thought I’d stop by and I’m loving your blog so far! Our babies are close in age too and your weekly post partum updates are awesome! I can relate to a lot of these!

    My hubby is a firefighter and I admit I sleep with multiple lights on when he’s on shift. There is something comforting about having him in bed next to me.

    So glad you’re getting good sleep at night too! I’m also not feeling sleep deprived even though my little guy is only going about 3-4 hrs before waking up and doing an early morning cluster feeding. But the snuggles…can’t beat the snuggles!

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    1. Hi and thanks! :) It’s always encouraging to know others are going through similar things as you!!
      Oh wow, having a firefighter hubby – he must work often at night, right? Yes, it’s just comforting having someone near while you sleep…one reason I love co-sleeping so much. <3 My little one goes 4-5 hours for the first stretch of sleep for the night and then every 3 after that. Of course, it'll change soon, I'm sure! ;) It always does.


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