Day in the Life

Day in the Life (July 2016)


July 29, 2016

Lots of cluster feeding from dinner time last night until bedtime! After finally falling asleep for good at eleven, Elizabeth didn’t wake again until 4am. Boy, my breasts didn’t appreciate that! Only nursed on one side and fell back to sleep. Next thing I knew, it was eight o’clock in the morning and Samuel came into our room to wake me up. Elizabeth was asleep on her tummy next to me; she’s been really working on that skill (rolling from back to side to tummy) for the last few days.

I got up and fixed a cup of coffee and set everything up at the dining room table to work. Baby girl woke up and was rooting like crazy. My milk came in just from seeing and hearing her grunt, lol. Fed her but there were a great many interruptions due to choking and sputtering (thanks, engorgement and forceful letdown). Burped her and then got her sitting in the bouncer on the floor next to the table. I pumped so I could add to the bottle in the refrigerator. I think we’re going to try to offer her that first bottle this weekend when Stephen is home!

Drank my coffee, fixed Samuel’s breakfast, said good morning to Maggie as she walked by on her way to the computer in the office. Woke Joshua up. Changed a diaper, googled how long one needs to wait before conceiving again after c-section, snuggled Elizabeth before laying her down on her side in her crib, fixed my breakfast.

brushing teethI brushed my teeth at 10a.m. and was about to get in the shower when she was ready to nurse again. Burped her and handed her to Maggie who rocked her in the glider while I showered. She was content so I did some stuff around the house. Got the laundry sorted and washing. Made the bed. Emptied the diaper trash. Tidied the kitchen. Joshua called his friend and they played computer games together while talking. Samuel played Lego Batman on the Wii.

I fixed myself a snack of pretzels and blueberry yogurt at 11:30 and sat down to my laptop with Elizabeth back in the bouncer next to me. She took a very short nap while I worked on lesson planning, the boys watched SpongeBob and had a snack in the living room, and Maggie fixed herself an early sleeping

By twelve, Elizabeth was (not so quietly) telling me she needed to nurse again. After feeding her, she was obviously ready to sleep but she couldn’t settle. She was grumpy off and on for a half an hour. I walked around the house with her, stepped out into the warmth on the front porch and paced, offered her the pacifier, rocked in the glider. Everything worked for like, a minute, and then she was fussy again. Poor little thing was pooped. Oh yeah, and I’d changed her diaper. Finally, I remembered how she slept last night/early morning (on her tummy) so I put her in her crib that way and within two or three minutes she was out.

pacingIt was 1:15 and I was starving for lunch and just some peace! I sat down with some leftover spaghetti and a piece of wheat bread with butter. Mmm! Next, I sprayed the produce I had picked up at Publix (two days ago, shh) and cleaned the kitchen again. I put on my makeup even though I no longer had any intention of leaving the house. I fixed Samuel’s lunch and then he and Joshua went outside to play basketball in the driveway. Maggie worked on her new blog and then disappeared into her room after asking me if I needed her help with anything.

I worked on lesson planning again in between frequent checks on Elizabeth and her chubby cheeks. Took care of more laundry and called Stephen to say “hi.” More and more lesson planning. Maggie and Joshua played with Samuel with his Batman characters.tummy

And after an almost two hour nap (Hallelujah!), Elizabeth woke up ready for milk. I fed her and then I abandoned the lesson plans for the afternoon. We headed to the couch and Samuel and I watched an episode of Seventh Heaven on amazon. Elizabeth slept in my lap the whole time, but that didn’t prevent Sam from coming over to her regularly to give her kisses and to squeal about her extreme cuteness, lol. Maggie and Joshua were having afternoon electronics; he played on Roblox while she blogged some more.

I hung out with Samuel and Elizabeth until it was time to start making dinner. Maggie and Joshua played a game of “horse” (basketball) outside and then came in. They folded and put away a load of laundry, and then played Dutch Blitz (cards) in her bedroom.

Stephen got off from work and we were both amazed that the interstate was clear on the map app. On a Friday evening! So he was able take 75 home.

Dinner was leftovers and a few quick-heats like frozen chicken sandwiches. Everyone had something different. Elizabeth sat in her bouncer and watched daddy while we ate.

nursingAfter dinner, I worked on one more school-related thing while Joshua rocked his baby sister. She nursed again and then Maggie held her while I gave Samuel a shower. We watched a re-run of America’s got Talent and then I put Samuel to bed.

I talked with Maggie for a few minutes before taking Elizabeth to bed. Nursed one more time and then we both zonked out.


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