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Postpartum ~ Week Five

We’re all the way to five weeks already! Baby Elizabeth is doing awesome and my recovery is coming along. It’s still surreal to think about the fact that I actually had a c-section! If you haven’t read her birth story yet, and would like to, feel free to click HERE.

The Incision

The glue that was used to hold everything together (eww) started peeling off in the shower on Thursday (4w4d postpartum). I helped it along by slowly pulling it off and now I can see the final scar – it’s no big deal at all! You can hardly even see it. My abdominal skin has an uncomfortable “tinglyness” to it, like it fell asleep and feeling is beginning to return to it. I only feel this when something touches the skin – not all the time, thankfully.

Postpartum Bleeding

Lochia was again heavier than it should have been for a few days because of activity. I can’t help it! It is so hard for me to not do anything. :P


I had to take Tylenol twice this week because my back was aching. I’m being very careful not to bend but sometimes it’s unavoidable.


I don’t recall having any headaches, but my eyes still don’t appreciate sunlight at all.


Hunger was nothing like the week before, I hardly even noticed hunger this week. I’ve been eating well and drinking more fruit juice because of my sugar cravings last week. Maybe my glucose levels were off a bit or something before, because this week I feel great.


No complaints, breastfeeding is so precious! You know, I’ve thought about how, if Elizabeth had been my first, I would have quit nursing within the first few days. It was so painful, she seemed so frustrated, wouldn’t latch deep enough, my incision/belly hurt like heck….I would have thought that I couldn’t do it. But because I knew it would eventually get better, and become something I would actually look forward to doing (I mean, you get to gaze down at your beautiful baby, whom you MADE, and see them happily still getting nourishment from your body?! Of course I wanted to experience that again!!) I’m glad she was my fourth and not my first or I would have missed it.


*sigh* I was stressed out again some this week. Darn homeschool lesson planning! It will be the death of me!! lol Everything else is fine but my blood pressure kept on rising different times simply because of my anxiousness about getting everything done in time. Anyway, the kids start lessons again tomorrow and I feel about 90% ready. Stephen took the three big kids out for the afternoon today and I’ve gotten a ton more accomplished (hence the ability to blog right now).

Yeah, I’m feeling good today. :)

Weight Loss/Body Image

Same as the last few weeks. No additional weight loss, I’m staying right around 140, which is five pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight. Again, I can’t wait to start exercising soon! I go for my 6 week postpartum visit on Wednesday and I’m figuring she’s going to clear me for light exercise and maybe even sex once my bleeding stops entirely.

Here I am, five weeks after having sweet little Elizabeth:


 Postpartum Week

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2 thoughts on “Postpartum ~ Week Five”

  1. Amazing job mumma we’ve just cleared week 8 I agree so much with the feeding challenges and all of them I know as this is my third the tough stuff will stop being tough great job on the body too I cannot stop eating!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep, the tough breastfeeding stuff passes! I’m eating often, too, so I’m trying really hard to make sure my choices are healthy ones!! (aka No Doritos or pecan pie my house, lol)


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