Thoughts & Happenings 8/4

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My kids started back with lessons this week and somehow it has been totally amazing!! I imagine it’s due to all the planning I’ve done for the last few weeks. I mean, I planned all the academics like normal but I also put tons of thought into the small details. Stephen helped so much by taking all three big kids out for the day on Sunday! It gave me the opportunity to fine tune my plans.

I’ve been homeschooling my children for twelve years but this has been the best first week in the history of our family! The three things that have helped our routine go well have been:

  • Me setting an alarm and getting up every morning no later than 7:30 (even though I did NOT feel like it!!) and then waking the kids up. Our day starts earlier, we eat meals and snacks together, and they seem easily able to focus on their lessons. They’ve all been going to bed earlier, too.
  • Having ALL lessons planned – no winging it. I have all three kids’ school plans printed for the week (more on this in a future post) so they/I just have to follow through and do it.
  • Not leaving the house until 3pm. This really promotes us to get everything done before we go out. Things like school work and housework. In the past, I would think (or say), “We’ll/I’ll do such-and-such when we get home,” and then, by the time we returned it was far from my mind or I didn’t feel like doing it anymore. I was not proud of myself for being like that so I’m pleased that I’ve made (and stuck to) my 3 o’clock rule.

It also really helps that I discovered Elizabeth’s preferred sleeping position (her tummy) because she has napped like a champ every single day!! Oh, and she slept (not on her tummy) from 11pm last night to 6am this morning – her longest stretch of sleep yet. My breasts didn’t appreciate it one bit, lol, but it sure felt great to get seven whole hours of sleep. :D

tummy sleeping

6 thoughts on “Thoughts & Happenings 8/4

  1. Valerie, she is just so beautiful and precious! I remember my first ‘full’ nights sleep after my son was born. And that was 34 years ago! You’ve really got it together homeschooling the older three and caring for a newborn. I applaud you, my friend!

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  2. Oh my gosh what a sweet picture. Baby C is most definitely a tummy sleeper and I think it has to do with his reflux. PLEASE tell me how you are getting Elizabeth to sleep for so long! Baby C will do a 3 hr stretch, eat, 2 hr, eat, 2 hr, then I’m up for the day. It’s better than his eating every hour but I’d love to get the two 2 hr stretches combined to a 4 hr one.

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    1. Thank you, I absolutely love how babies look when they’re all snuggled in bed!
      Well, I think she sleeps so long because she nurses a lot in the evening; it sort of fills her “tank” up. I’d say she feeds on each breast twice between dinner (7ish) and bedtime (10ish). That’s a lot for her considering one breast satisfies her for awhile during the day.
      Have you ever tried doing the dream feed? You carefully pick baby up and attempt to nurse without really waking them up just before you go to bed. No burping unless you know he swallowed a bunch of air. I will be doing this with Elizabeth once she and I aren’t going to bed at the same time. ;)


      1. Thanks for your thoughts! Baby C does a bit of cluster feeding but my challenge is if I’m not holding him he wakes up and after a feed when I put him back to bed he can’t settle well on his own yet. Hopefully in a bit more time he’ll get this 😉

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        1. Elizabeth often needs a pacifier for the first few minutes, even after a feed. They sure love/need suckling, don’t they?! I know she’d be happy to be permanently attached to my breasts if I let her, lol.


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