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Postpartum ~ Week Six

I’m a day late…it’s been just over six weeks since baby Elizabeth joined our family!

I went to my postpartum appointment last Wednesday and all is well! I have been cleared for everything except abdominal exercises (they recommend waiting until eight weeks before starting ab workouts). I can do aerobics, swimming, walking – basically anything that I feel up to doing. ^_^ I’m super happy about that!

The Incision

The scar is looking good but my little “overhang” definitely needs those ab exercises. It’s not awful but I’ll feel better once I tighten up the area.

Postpartum Bleeding

It finally stopped!! Yay!


My middle and lower back still ache pretty regularly. But now I think it has to do with my posture while nursing as well as the amount of holding and carrying I do with my little sweetie pie. No biggie.


My head is fine now and the sensitivity to light is not as bad anymore. Woo-hoo


Sometimes I feel like normal but I also have hours or days when I’m starving!! I’ve added a (natural whey) protein drink to my morning and it seems to be helping. I pretty much just have to eat really regularly or I feel famished. ;)


Nursing is going great! Most days, she feeds on one side and then on the other just an hour or so later, then goes two or three hours and does the same again. The last feed of the night is somewhere between 10 and 11, then she sleeps until 5 or 6. Some nights she also wakes to eat at 3ish, but not always.


After the fantastic week we had last week, I have been feeling awesome! I am really looking forward to being done with the postpartum stuff and getting back to normal life – just with the beautiful addition of Elizabeth. ♡

Weight Loss/Body Image

I am weighing 138lbs and my goal is currently 130 (eventually I’d like to get to 125 but not while breastfeeding). Anyway, I feel good. I just feel so good about life and my family. It feels amazing to be basically completely healed.

Here we are, six weeks (and a day) after her birthday!

6 weeks

Thanks for joining me during this postpartum time! It’s been a journey!!

 Postpartum Week

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5 thoughts on “Postpartum ~ Week Six”

  1. Congrats on baby!! I’m going to be 6 weeks pp tomorrow! My baby feeds every 3 hours exactly and we wake up and wake him up for feeds. I notice you have baby sleep through the night for feedings. We are wondering when can change the sleep patterns to longer sleeps at night. Should we just let our baby sleep until he wakes? This always has confused me lol. My baby just has heart surgery about 4 weeks ago, so I’m not sure if it’s different?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Congratulations to you as well! :D
      The amount of feedings a baby needs – and whether or not it’s necessary to wake him/her to nurse – depends on many things. My daughter is almost 8 weeks old now and weighs 12lbs. (she was 8lbs10oz at birth and 8lbs2oz when she left the hospital two days later) so she is gaining well and I’m not having to closely monitor her growth. She cluster feeds ( in the evening which allows her to sleep longer stretches through the night. If she weren’t doing that, she would wake more frequently to eat. I would talk to your baby’s pediatrician about your son’s specific nutritional needs if you’re unsure about waking to feed him. :)
      Heart surgery? ((Hugs)) to you, mama!


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