Minimalist Living ~ Intro

Minimalist Living

My life is constantly evolving, and everything around me reflects that. The “stuff” currently in my home is quite different from what you would have found here last year. For one thing, I have a new baby! She uses lots of things that weren’t here before (and won’t be in our lives for more than a year or two). I’m reading more now, too, which means there are stacks of books that weren’t there before. And sewing; I’ve taken up sewing and crafting so my table has fabric and buttons on it these days. My mind is also changing; I am diligently working on removing anxious thoughts from my nights.

To me, being a minimalist is about mindset more than what is physically seen (although I do love decluttering). It means that I fill my life with those things that I need and/or love on purpose. This includes possessions, people, activities, thoughts and more.

Less stuff, clutter, and stress.

More space, activity, and joy.

I ♥ being a minimalist.

** I am going to begin sharing regular posts on minimalism here on the blog, so stay tuned. Some of the posts I have planned are a glimpse into my home (the linen closet, baby care, holiday decorations) while others will simply be on the topic of minimalism (how and why I got started, clutter, focusing on quality). I’m really looking forward to writing these and encouraging others in their journey to simplicity! **

6 thoughts on “Minimalist Living ~ Intro”

  1. I love how you said it’s more of a mind set. I believe it is too. You can’t really begin to start decluttering unless you get into the mind set of that lifestyle. I can’t wait to read more :)


    1. Exactly. People see mountains of things that need to be sorted through but they can’t tackle any of it until they’re READY to let go. And it has to be a permanent change or the mountain will grow again.


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