Day in the Life

Day in the Life (August 2016)


August 17, 2016

Last night (7pm-10pm) was full of Elizabeth crying and not wanting to be put down but also not happy while being held. Basically, she was overtired and cranky from our drive home from Trader Joe’s. Nobody likes Atlanta traffic – especially not babies! So I didn’t get anything done with the house before going to bed, but I did watch some Olympic track and gymnastics while bouncing a cute little (crying) baby in my lap.

The middle of the night was a blur. I vaguely remember nursing her at three-something and she may have also woken at six-ish but that could totally be wrong, lol. Otherwise, she slept great and so did I.

good morningThis morning, I woke up a few minutes before my alarm would have and I turned it off. Our evening had been too rough not to enjoy sleeping in a little. I immediately fell back to sleep and woke on my own at 7:30. As soon as I got up, Samuel came in and then Elizabeth was awake and ready to nurse. Then her diaper needed attention. I got her clothes changed and made her bum fluffy (put on her cloth diaper). Samuel asked if she could wear a bow in her hair so I let him pick which headband he’d like to see her in.

I believe I had managed to fix myself a cup of coffee and had enjoyed just two or three sips of it when she began to complain. So I put her in the baby swing in the living room. She was quite happy watching Samuel play so I took advantage of her contentment and got to work. Oh so many things to do!!

cloth diapers hangingLaundry, kitchen cleanup, dishwasher, put away groceries, more laundry.

She took a little nap in the swing after being awake for awhile and then it was time to eat. Afterwards, it was a diaper change and then back to sleep, but this time in her bed. I made Samuel’s breakfast and drank some water before brushing my teeth and getting in the shower. Got dressed and did some more housework.

Laundry, swept floors, stripped beds of their sheets and pillowcases. The kids were doing their chores as well. Then Joshua started his school lessons. Maggie wasn’t feeling well so she spent some time on the couch before doing much.

I drank more water and ate a bowl of cereal at 10am. I washed some peaches and organized the food in refrigerator since we’d pretty much just thrown everything in the night before. I made Stephen’s lunch for him to take to work. He was at the dentist and would be home to pick up all his stuff shortly.

Elizabeth woke up and needed another fresh diaper. Maggie held her when I was done so I could do a couple more things with laundry. Stephen arrived and got to visit with us for a few minutes before leaving again.

The boys did some spelling with jelly beans, and then I read to Samuel on the couch while feeding Elizabeth. Joshua did geography and vocabulary in the office with Maggie. Once he was done, he asked if he could go outside and play basketball in the driveway until lunch was ready. I made a barbeque chicken pizza from Trader Joe’s for Maggie and Joshua, a soft pretzel, nutella and tortilla chips for Samuel, and leftovers for me (a sloppy joe, sweet pickles, and potato chips).

publixAfter lunch, the big kids did more lessons and I did more housework and diaper changes. By 1:45, I was ready to go to Publix with Samuel and Elizabeth. I fed her again just before leaving the house. She zonked out in the car seat. All we were going to Publix for was a prescription. We dropped it off and then wandered around the store. Samuel bought two Hot Wheels cars and then played with them as we walked around.

in the carIt was so hot as we loaded back into the van that I felt the distinct need for ice cream. So we drove around the corner and went through the drive-thru at Chick-Fil-A. I got a strawberry milkshake and Samuel got an ice dream cone.

We went home and finished the school day with a read aloud (In Grandma’s Attic). We sat at the table and listened to Maggie read while I nursed Elizabeth and the boys ate the ice cream/milkshake. Next, Joshua went outside to see if one of the neighborhood boys wanted to play a Pokémon battle (the card game, not the app). Maggie and Samuel played Super Mario Brothers on the Wii. I hung out with Elizabeth and put some laundry away.

Samuel went outside and joined Joshua in playing basketball because the boy hadn’t been home to play Pokémon. While they were outside, I got everything ready to give Elizabeth a bath. I’ve been having such a hard time with my back hurting during and after her bath lately that I decided to try doing it in the afternoon instead of evening. It worked, my back was fine!

after the bathShe loves her bath, oh my word. And it’s so cute!! Even after the bath, the happiness lingers.

She sat in the bouncer and hung out with me for a few minutes before falling asleep again. I called Joshua inside so we could play a Pokémon card battle together (it’s actually a fun game, believe it or not!) and then I started making dinner.

Stephen got home and we ate; we had chicken alfredo on ribbon noodles, side salads, and biscuits. It would have been really good but mine was cold by the time I had it due to baby girl’s need to be held. It’s not fun to bring fork-fuls of salad over your squirming infant so I handed her off to daddy once he was done eating, and then I ate.

After dinner, Samuel rented a Jetsons movie on amazon (with his money) and I played Dutch Blitz with Maggie and Joshua. I made the beds with their new, clean sheets and got Elizabeth ready for bed. She nursed and then went to sleep in my bed for a half an hour but then got really fussy. It was a tough night; she had a super hard time settling. My husband always thinks it’s gas when she is fussy but he’s usually wrong, lol. This time, I think she did actually have that going on, poor thing.

Well, it was a long and full day!

Thanks for following along! 

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4 thoughts on “Day in the Life (August 2016)”

  1. Wow your day is so busy! Kudos to you momma! Elizabeth is SO cute and getting big! I’m venturing into cloth diapering slowly and find I have good days I keep up with it and something derails me and I’m back to disposables. Baby C LOVES his baths too and I get all kinds of smiles afterwards as well! And I have eaten many cold meals and done the dinner “pass the baby” so me and FirefighterDad can eat lol.
    Also, if you like coffee you must try the Frosted Coffee at Chick-fil-a. It’s basically a coffee milkshake but I justify the calories because breastfeeding 😉 Loved this post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks I think she’s pretty cute, too. ^_^
      Yeah, this happened to be a busy housework day! I did five loads of laundry, lol!
      I take days off from cloth diapering when I need a break but disposables have their own issues (blowouts, clothes changing…) so it doesn’t actually end up being much of a break. :P
      Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll have to try the iced coffee 🍵 :)


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