Thoughts and Happenings

Thoughts & Happenings 8/21

Stephen is home this weekend so we decided to take a little road trip yesterday to north Georgia to see my aunt and uncle and also to visit my grandmother’s grave. It was our longest drive (an hour and a half each way) with Elizabeth (8 weeks today) and it went really well. ^_^

Some highlights from the day…

aunt and uncleMy aunt and uncle didn’t know about Elizabeth so they had a nice surprise! They both really enjoyed holding her. ♥

We had lunch at Bojangels for the first time. Southern chicken and biscuits were the menu, basically. But Maggie, Joshua and I got grilled chicken sandwiches and fries. Yum

It rained heavily a few different times but never while we were outside. One of the times, I was driving on the interstate and it was nearly a white out! I was thankful that everyone slowed down, and there weren’t any crazy speeders.

Joshua and Samuel loved attempting the water bottle flip trick with my aunt – she is a pro, lol!

We had a great time catching up with them.

So, in baby/postpartum news…

Elizabeth’s cradle cap is in full swing and I’m working at getting rid of it. Yuck

Possible TMI but I am perspiring (and smelling because of it) so much more since having her! It’s driving me mad. :|

I weighed her last week and she’s at 12lbs! She was 8lbs10oz at birth and 8lbs2oz when we left the hospital two days later.

I’m weighing 136lbs as of this morning. I finished the pregnancy (on my due date) weighing 166lbs so I’ve lost exactly 30lbs in eight weeks! Now to firm things up by doing some strength exercises!! Hopefully I will make time for some this week.

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