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Homemade Felt Flower Headbands

sweet flower headbands

It has been sixteen years since I’ve had a baby girl to dress in sweet, delicate accessories, and I have every intention of making the most of my opportunity to do it again with our little Elizabeth! She is eight weeks old and so precious with those eyes and chubby cheeks; accessories just add to her cuteness, lol.

* * *

Flowery headbands. As much as I would love to buy dozens and dozens of them on Etsy, I simply can’t rationalize such a purchase so I decided to search the web for DIY ideas and make them myself.

ribbonI first had to figure out how to make the actual headband part. Turns out, Walmart sells little packs of stretchy elastic that result in a delicate little headband, and Hobby Lobby sells all kinds of ribbon, including stretchy.

So I chose two that I really liked (a cream/off white and a pink) and then needed to find out how long to cut it. Being that I was pregnant when I was doing this, I didn’t have a newborn’s head to measure! From reading product descriptions on Etsy, though, I was able to find out that the length needed for a newborn averaged 13 inches.

Lastly, I needed to figure what kind of flower(s) I wanted to learn to make. I searched youtube and blog posts and found THIS tutorial to be just perfect for my novice skills. These flowers end up being so CUTE and are just about as simple and easy as they can be to make!

headbands collage

I want you to go to the original post to see how to make them, but just know that all you have to be able to do is trace and cut circles out of felt and know how to use a hot glue gun. Seriously, they are so simple yet look complicated (to me, anyway!)

sweet flower headband collage

Put them on an already cute baby and you are in for a treat! ^_^

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