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Thoughts & Happenings 8/26

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This week has been rough. I was stressing over the house, getting everything done, etc. etc. and it’s not good for any of us when I’m stressed. But I’ve reevaluated what’s important and I’m back on track. And in a better mood. I’m missing the Olympics, though! I’d really been enjoying watching the events in the evening. But it’s nice to get back to normal, I guess. I watched America Ninja Warrior on Monday (it reminds of me of being in the hospital because Maggie and I watched it on the second night we were there) and then America’s Got Talent on Tuesday and Wednesday. But nothing else! I don’t really like what’s on television; I much prefer movies.

Oddly, I have been having a major craving for fruits and vegetables this week, but mostly fruit. Like, making fruit bowls and filling my refrigerator with all kinds of fruit! I mean, it’s great for me, but dang, what’s my body trying to tell me? Low on certain nutrients much? lol

So, breastfeeding has taken an unexpected turn this week because all of a sudden oversupply is a huge issue. Poor baby chokes repeatedly every time I feed her. :'( She doesn’t empty the breast so I have to feed her on the same side the next time she’s hungry, so then the second side starts really hurting from not nursing in several hours. And the process just continues all day and night. Discomfort, choking and sputtering…it’s frustrating. Oh, and spitting up because she’s getting too much milk! I googled oversupply this afternoon and here’s what one of the commenters on forums had to say:

I hate when people say oversupply is not a problem. It is a problem. It restricts nursing positions and ability to nurse in public, causes baby to choke/gag with letdown, causes baby to overeat and spit up, baby swallows extra air because of the fast letdown, sometimes there’s a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. Your also more at risk for clogged ducts/mastitis because of not emptying your breasts.

Now, believe me I’d much rather be dealing with oversupply than undersupply but it’s still hard when your little one is struggling to nurse properly.

How’d you deal with oversupply?


16 thoughts on “Thoughts & Happenings 8/26”

  1. Hand expressing for a few minutes before you nurse can help alleviate the flow of milk coming during let down. Even pumping until you feel the let down, and then offering your baby the breast can help. As a bonus – you will have a small stash for the freezer. :-)


    1. You’ve found that expressing makes oversupply better? Because I’ve been avoiding it all costs so my milk won’t increase even more (you know, the whole supply and demand thing) My milk comes in really quickly (10-20 seconds) and then the flow is consistently that fast for the first half of the feed. That would be a lot of milk to pump before it slows down. :|
      I know I had this issue with my second child (now almost 13 years old) but I can’t remember what happened, lol. I guess time just took care of it!

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      1. **TMI warning for readers**Yes, I have hand expressed on several occasions, especially when I was engorged. Hand expressing should not increase your supply, though pumping will. The supply/demand issue is really about the amount of time your baby is suckling or your nipple is being stimulated by a breast pump. Hand expression is a bit different, massage like movements push the milk forward and down the breast so you can express it out. You may want to read some LLL (La Leche League) articles on google. Your supply will slow down over time, so ultimately, YES – time will take care of it. Mother Nature is a smart woman. ;-)


  2. I think the first 3 months I was producing way too much too. I hand expressed just a little to relieve the discomfort, like very little. I tried to avoid pumping to not over-demand. But I figured this wouldn’t continue for long: once baby’s schedule is more established my body would adjust as well. And it did! I no longer have to use like 3 burp clothes under boobs and baby for leakage. I hope your body adjusts eventually as well


  3. I had a fast let down in my right breast. Milk would shoot out. Baby would cry and choke, and my breast would get engorged. I ended up pumping that breast a lot and feeding mostly from the other. It’s still a bit fast but he no longer chokes and my breast is soft and easier to manage.


  4. I’ve heard a nipple shield can help too! I use one for flat nipples… (They were flat in the beginning, not now, and it was the only wait to get him to latch and stay on) but they have a few different uses! Medela makes them and they are under $20.. you would just use it for the first bit til your letdown calms down.. haha then just slip the nipple shield off!

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  5. I had an oversupply in the beginning because I started pumping at 2 weeks pp (huge mistake!). I put my pump away for the last 6 weeks of my maternity leave and only nursed on demand. By 12 weeks, I returned to work and my supply went down. I only produce a little more than what my daughter eats. Oversupply can be really annoying.

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    1. I’m glad you figured out that the pump was causing an issue and you were able to resolve it. :)
      It’s funny, after I wrote this post, her eating habits changed! She started nursing on both sides instead of one for most feeds, sleeping through the night (10pm to 6 or 7am) and my supply all of a sudden became perfect. Weirdest thing!!


  6. Now, this was a long time ago, because my baby boy is graduated and working a full time job now, but I had this problem, too. I remember because it fricking HURT. Before I fed him, I pumped each side for 5-10 minutes then let him have at it. He emptied both sides, and if he was still hungry, I had the pumped milk to give him. (He almost never needed it.) I put it in the freezer (gramma watched him and knew how to heat safe) for nights I went out and then I could have a few drinks, pump and dump the next two times, and use the freezer supply during that time, too. The first time I did that, he was a month old and we went to see… crap… it was a Mel Gibson flick… “Random” maybe? I couldn’t wait to get back home to him! lol


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