Minimalist Living ~ Paying for the Experience

Minimalist Living

I have been donating to our local charity shops on a regular basis for years. If something is no longer wanted or needed, out it goes. But it’s sometimes easy to feel guilty for donating because of the money we originally spent on things. I try to go about a different way of buying which frees me from looking at money, stuff, and donating in a binding way. I am learning to purchase and enjoy material things in a very temporary way. I buy for the experience, whether that is going to be a one-time use (say, a film or book) or something I’m planning to use as long as I need it, like a craft and sewing supply. Once the intended use is fulfilled, I feel content to let it go. It’s only when I think in terms of always and forever that I get myself into trouble and feel like I can’t donate.

Money’s just money but if I don’t want to spend too much of it, I shop at the same places I donate! I’ll buy a pair of shoes just to wear to special event and then turn around and put them in a donation bag the next day. I’ll buy a VHS tape or a DVD and watch the movie once before happily placing it in the bag as well. I got a fair price for the experience and now it’s over. I sort of looking at it as renting the item. It’s temporary.

If I know that I will need it in the near future, I definitely don’t get rid of it but it’s amazing how little that happens.

The same is true about things I buy from regular (non-thrift) stores. Just because I spend more money doesn’t mean the item deserves a permanent place in my home!

My husband is an old Boy Scout and it has been a real challenge encouraging him to let things go because he believes in “be prepared” more than I can even express, lol. But more on being married as a minimalist later. ;)

How do you feel about paying for the experience of an item instead of committing to ownership?

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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