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Thoughts & Happenings 9/1

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My sweet little Elizabeth had her two month checkup yesterday afternoon at the pediatrician. I can’t say I’m happy that she got a few vaccines but I AM thankful beyond words that we live in a country and time that have the technology to prevent killer diseases! Four were offered but I only allowed two to be given. She got Hep B and Pentacel (DTAP, IPV, and Hib) while Prevnar will have to wait a month. And we skip Rotateq altogether.

Last night she was not feeling well at all, poor thing. She is normally a little fussy in the evening but can be occupied by being walked around and/or talked to. But last night the normal activities didn’t help at all. She started feeling warm to me at 7ish. She nursed at about 8 and then I took her temperature rectally (which is totally not a big deal, if you’ve never done it. I have a baby rectal thermometer and she doesn’t respond at all when it’s used – it’s that gentle. Ask me any questions you have in the comments.) Her temp was 99.8 which is elevated for her since she normally runs 97. I realized all of sudden that we didn’t have ANY infant medicine! I guess that’s not a huge no-no since you’re not even supposed to give medicine to a baby under 3 months of age unless directed to by a doctor. Anyway, I called the after hours phone for her pediatrician and the doctor called me back. He is such a sweetheart…he reminds me of Mr. Rogers, both in his voice and his patient nature. I told him how she was feeling and about the elevated temp and he said I could definitely give her a little bit of Tylenol. Based on her age and weight, her dose is 1.25ml from a 160mg per/5 ml bottle. By the way, this mg/ml is the same whether you get an infant Tylenol or a children’s Tylenol bottle. The only difference is the dropper/medicine dispenser. My husband drove Elizabeth and me to Walgreen’s so I could buy the infant kind just so I could have the one that clearly shows 1.25ml. It wasn’t necessary, but it made me feel more comfortable giving it to her.

She slept pretty well considering how lousy she’d felt all evening. She woke at 1:45 to nurse and she felt cool. :) She woke again at 5:45 but as she would start to nurse, she’d fall asleep (which she never does) so that feed was basically a fail. When we got up for the day at 7:30, she felt warm but was acting fine. I went ahead and gave her Tylenol again because I just want her to be comfy and it made me so sad to see how she felt last night! I’m hoping she feels better today.

Oh, and some of her stats:

She was 8lbs10oz at birth (on her due date) and down to 8lbs2oz when we were discharged from the hospital. Yesterday she weighed in at 13lbs3oz! No wonder she’s growing out of size 2 diapers already. :P That weight put her in the 95% for her age. Her length is 23 inches, which is 75th percentile.

After checking her out completely, the doctor said – and I quote – “she’s perfect.”

I have to say, I agree. ♥

two months old

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  1. We skip the flu vaccine. I just had my 2 year old in for his well visit, and they offered it but we refused. They did say it would be good to get with the new baby in the house, and I was concerned for him since he had such a rough first couple of weeks. We still decided not to for now. The baby has an appointment in the same office in a couple of weeks, so we may change our mind by then, but I still doubt it. We haven’t had the flu, and my 2 year old always has bad reactions to vaccines. He gets so lethargic for days, and seems so miserable. Since we don’t use daycare, or public school I think our risk of exposure is pretty low. My husband and I do work in a warehouse with several hundred employees, and we go out shopping often so I know we do have some risk.

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