Thoughts & Happenings 9/7

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Samuel will be five years old tomorrow. <3 I can’t believe how big he’s gotten and how these years with him have both crawled by and flown!! Unfortunately, the poor little guy has croup at the moment, but it’s clearing up. He and I both came down with the same virus on Friday, presenting itself as a scratchy throat and fatigue. While mine has been no big deal, his turned into a low grade fever and stuffy/runny nose the next day and by Sunday he had the barking cough. I still had Prednisolone in the refrigerator from April so I gave him that straightaway and it helped. Thank goodness we had it, otherwise we would have ended up at urgent care with it being Labor Day weekend. But I did take him to his pediatrician yesterday so we could get a new prescription to have on hand for the next time (Oh, how I hope that’s not soon!)

Well, miss Elizabeth (ten weeks old) is officially sleeping through the night now! I’m sure just by writing this she’ll begin waking multiple times at night, lol, but for over a week now she has been nursing for the last time at 10ish and not waking until 6-7am! Before, that happened occasionally, but now it’s every night. My breasts STILL don’t get it after several days of this so I go from a C cup to a DD (oww!!) and it makes it challenging to feed her in the morning. Oversupply is still an issue but she seems to have adjusted somehow.

She is changing, my goodness. We got a few baby toys out to show her and she really likes them! Smiles and coos at them a ton. I love it! We found Maggie’s mobile for the crib and hung it last night. Elizabeth was very responsive to it. :)

I guess that’s it. Today, the plan is to buy birthday wrapping paper and make sure that I have all the stuff I will need to make his cake!

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