Thoughts and Happenings

Thoughts & Happenings 9/12

living lighter thoughts

Baby Elizabeth is eleven weeks old as of yesterday and Samuel turned five last Thursday. ❤ We went to the zoo for the day and had a really fun time. I bought a membership again; our last one expired last fall so it had been a year since we’d been. The big kids came with us for his birthday but the membership will likely be something I use with Sam and Elizabeth.


Joshua got sick last week and had such a cough that we ended up at the doctor for him as well. It was just viral but his inhaler had long since expired so he was prescribed a new one.

Well, I am super moody. I get irritated quickly and it really bothers me. I don’t like snapping at my kids or husband. It feels hormonal so maybe I’m going to be getting my period soon. Elizabeth is nursing a ton during the day but none at night so I’m sure that’s sending signals to my reproductive organs that it’s time for another baby, lol. We’re using birth control, though, so that isn’t going to happen!

I’m not sure how much I’m going to be blogging right now. It seems to be adding stress instead of relieving it. Simple posts like this are quick but articles and giveaways, which I’d love to be doing, take more time than I have.

Anyway, sorry for the semi-negative post. I’m feeling semi-negative these days. Lousy hormones.

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