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Hip Dysplasia or Normal Fat Roll?

At twelve weeks of age, Elizabeth is quite chubby and I’m used to seeing her rolls, but when I noticed an extra one on her right thigh yesterday and didn’t find a matching one on her left, I wondered about it. Online, I found that it can actually mean (but doesn’t guarantee) hip dysplasia, or hip dislocation.

I made an appointment with her pediatrician this morning for next week so he can decide if it requires looking into further. I read that x-rays and ultrasounds can easily identify the condition, so it’s not a big deal if he does think we should investigate the possibility. Early treatment is really important, apparently, because if it’s caught before six months, a simple brace can fix it painlessly.

While her hips have been checked a few times since birth, dislocation can happen unknowingly at any time. And it’s considered a “silent condition” because it doesn’t cause an infant pain.

Anyway, I’m not sure what to think, but the fact that my husband had slipped capital femoral epiphysis in both hips and has had seven major hip operations over years, including having a total steel hip in his right leg….I am a bit unnerved. O_O But, honestly I’m not worried because the treatment, as I said, is easy for a baby.

If it’s not related to her hip(s), I wonder what it is.

Man, she looks like her big sister, Maggie, in this photo!!


What do you think?

Update – her hips are fine! X-rays show perfectly positioned hips. ^_^

8 thoughts on “Hip Dysplasia or Normal Fat Roll?”

  1. Ellie has had the same mismatched folds since birth. We also did go in for an ultrasound like at 1-mo or so to check her hips. Turned out alright; doctor said that they are just mismatched folds. But I didn’t realize it can be easily dislocated after birth, will have to ask our ped at 6-month check. I check visually if her legs are the same length, cause that’s usually the result of this condition.

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