Day in the Life (September 2016)


September 21, 2016

I’m not sure who woke first, me or her, but either way we were up (in bed) at 7:10 this morning and she was nursing for the first time since 9ish the night before so my breasts weren’t very happy. I’d woken to bad dreams three times in the night, which was disturbing, but baby Elizabeth had slept soundly next to me.

I got up for the day while she fell back to sleep. I had my coffee and read some blog posts. Maggie was up a little while later. At 8:15, I asked her to keep an ear out for her little sister while I brushed my teeth and showered.

When I was done, I walked into the boys’ room and woke them up. Then I got ready for the day and straightened up my room. I started a load of laundry, too.

Samuel had breakfast at 9:30 – around the same time that Elizabeth woke up. Maggie and Joshua enjoyed seeing her cute facial expressions as I talked to Stephen on the phone. She was ready to nurse on the other side (right) after about ten minutes so I had to cut out conversation short. She really struggled to latch on and kept popping off the breast so she didn’t have a full feed, but at least it relieved engorgement for me.

I ate breakfast and took my vitamins at 9:50 while Elizabeth hung out in the bouncer. While she was happy, I also did some dinner prep; I sliced an onion and green pepper for the veggie subs we were going to have. When I was done, I changed her diaper and also took photos of her for the blog post I would write a little while later. Samuel hung out with us at the changing table and also on my bed. He LOVES her so, so much, lol!! And she actually really likes him, too (despite the expression in all of the photos below!), and frequently smiles and coos at him, but she’s not a fan of being held by him, haha.


I nursed her on the right side again at 10:30 and it went much better than the first time, thankfully. She was drowsy so I put her in her crib and she fell asleep within a few minutes. I quickly wrote and published a blog post on her hips/thighs (you can read it HERE) and then spent some time talking to Maggie about an upcoming concert she’s going to.


I did Hooked on Phonics with Samuel and then Elizabeth woke up and was happily looking at her mobile in her bed at 11:45. She needed another diaper change and I changed her clothes as well. She was acting hungry again so I nursed her on the left side while I read The Year of Pleasures; unfortunately, she struggled again and was sputtering and popping off & on. :/

sam-in-carWe made lunch and then got things together to leave the house. Normally, I don’t make plans or go out until the mid/late afternoon, but some family members were able to meet up with us in the early afternoon so I made an exception.

I let Joshua stay home and play an online game with his friend (on the phone), while Maggie, Samuel, Elizabeth and I left met my family at a local coffee shop. We spent a few hours catching up, inside the place as well as outside. The kids each had a treat and some of the adults got drinks but I wasn’t in the mood for a dessert and I don’t drink coffee except for my one morning cup at home. It’s a lovely atmosphere anyway, though! queen-bee

Afterward, we went to Toys R Us and let Samuel pick out a new Imaginext set with birthday money he had. He was thrilled when Maggie showed him the Mr. Freeze one!


We arrived home at 5pm and I was shot. I felt so tired and weak, I don’t know what was wrong except that I hadn’t had the best rest the night before and I needed food and drink pronto! After drinking water and having a snack of cashews and blueberry yogurt, I felt somewhat better. I started on dinner which was veggie subs and onion rings with spicy dipping sauce.

The rest of the evening was a blur. I know I nursed Elizabeth three times…I think. I definitely played with Samuel’s new toy with him. I played basketball (“horse”) with Joshua outside since I felt a lot better after eating dinner. I talked with Maggie and tried to help her feel better about the concert (she was feeling anxious because she’s going to be getting to meet the band). And I put Samuel to bed. Then I CRASHED in bed with Elizabeth. Haha

Thanks for following along! 

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