Thoughts and Happenings

Thoughts & Happenings 9/28

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I’m feeling pretty good this week. Physically, I mean. My back is doing better and I think it’s because I started delegating heavy jobs to my teenagers. I haven’t been carrying Elizabeth in her car seat or lifting the stroller in/out of the van, etc. all week.

And speaking of baby Elizabeth, she is officially three months old! Some little tidbits about her at the moment…she brings her fists to her mouth all the time and seems to prefer her left hand to her right (will she be a leftie like her brother?), she likes watching Baby Beethoven, she’s wearing 6-9 month clothing, she likes car rides as long as we keep moving (interstate, highway, etc), breastfeeding is ok most of the time as she isn’t choking as much currently, she really likes being in the stroller that allows her to lie all the way back (as opposed to the one that holds her car seat), she enjoys her pacifier a lot, she smiles quickly whenever I talk to her, she reaches for my hands when I’m changing her diaper (which makes things challenging!), and we’re still co-sleeping.

Possible TMI, I had spotting on Saturday. No idea why. ?? I thought it was my period but it wasn’t.

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about sewing and setting up a shop lately (maybe Etsy, maybe not). I’ve been planning everything from products & pricing to advertising & photography. Maggie needs braces and I would love to be able to cover the cost. ^_^

I’m really excited about a giveaway coming up on the blog next month! It will feature a great Etsy shop and a helpful product for baby. There will be two winners – be sure to stop back by on October 10th for all the details!!

Well today will consist of grocery shopping and (if the grass dries enough) lawn mowing. Happy Wednesday!

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