Thoughts and Happenings

Thoughts & Happenings 10/3

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We sure enjoyed the weather this weekend! Stephen was home both days and we made the most of it. ^_^

On Saturday, I taught Samuel how to ride his bike without training wheels. Funny story – the other day he was asking for a bigger bike and I told him that his bike was still the perfect size for him but he wanted a “big boy” bike, thinking that only larger bikes come without training wheels. I guess we’d never discussed taking them off before (oops!) because when I said we could do just that, he was stoked! lol He wanted to do it as soon as possible. So, anyway, Joshua took them off for him on Saturday and I taught him how to ride. He did great!

learning-to-rideThe rest of the day I spent sewing and taking care of the home and Elizabeth. :)

We got up early Sunday morning and got ready for a road trip — we were going to the Birmingham Zoo in Alabama. We’d never been to Alabama before (we hadn’t had reason to) so we were excited! Our Zoo Atlanta membership gets us in to zoos and aquariums for half price all around the country so we ended up paying just $38.50 for three adults and two kids – not bad.

The trip took us three hours each way, and Elizabeth did really well. She slept off and on while we drove there, only getting out once to nurse. She looked at her toys and at her siblings while awake. :)

birmingham-zooWe really liked the zoo! Of course anything different is fun, but we appreciated certain things about Birmingham. The closeness of the animals was great; the exhibits allowed you to get a good look at them – if the animals chose to walk that close. The hands-on things were fun, too; Maggie particularly enjoyed feeding flamingos out of her hand. Oddly enough, I really liked seeing the farm animals up close! It’s rare that I get to be that close to chickens and goats – I really enjoyed it! lol Also, they had many animals we’d never seen at other zoos; mongoose, prevost’s squirrel, and a tiny cat called a black-footed cat come to mind as my favorites. I also liked how large the zoo is! We weren’t able to even see everything because we had such a long drive back home….Oh darn, we might just have to go back! ;)

On the drive home, I set up our little dvd player for Elizabeth because she was really tired of being in her carseat. I was thrilled that she was instantly happy while watching Baby Einstein!

baby-bUnfortunately, the fun stops here because today Samuel has his five year check-up and he has to get two shots. Duh, duh, duh!! :'(

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