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Homemade Pillow Covers

There are three reasons I like to sew my own pillow covers. ^_^

  1. They allow me to change the color scheme in my living room without having to put in much effort. We have lots of browns and beiges in the furniture and carpet, and then cream-colored walls so most pillows go just fine. I can even change with the season if I feel so inclined. By adding a few accent pieces to go with the new colors, I can create a whole new look!
  2. They are MUCH less expensive than going out and buying new pillows – and I do love new pillows! Covers allow me to feel like I have new pillows without the high cost.
  3. They are washable. No more worrying about spot cleaning! I throw mine (all cotton) in the wash and even the dryer.

And they are simple to make!

Pre-wash and dry your fabrics so they won’t shrink later. Lay your top fabric on your pillow to see how big to make it; allow at least a half an inch seam allowance. Take your bottom fabric and cut the same width as the top fabric, but several inches longer; cut it in half width-wise. You’re wanting to create enough of an overlap of fabrics to be able to hem it (see next step) and to contain the pillow once finished.
Double fold the width sides of your bottom fabric and pin in place. Head to your sewing machine and sew down the line, close to the fold. Do both pieces this way.
Line up the fabrics, good sides facing each other with an overlapping the length of your choice; I like about three inches.
Pin everything in place and then sew all the way around, leaving a seam allowance of 1/4-1/2 inch. Once done sewing, trim close and snip off the corners. Turn it right side out and you’re done!



And that’s it! What’s so great about pillow covers (in addition to the reasons I gave earlier) is that the fabric choices available in store and online are amazing so you can get really creative with patterns and styles. And you can use any size pillow since you’re just laying fabric on top to measure.

Happy sewing!

4 thoughts on “Homemade Pillow Covers”

  1. I agree, a simple inexpensive way to get a nice change in a room. I have quite a collection already and even do different ones for different seasons. I love doing the fold over style like you do.

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