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PurpleBowFox Diaper Strap *Giveaway* (Ends Oct 20th)


Erika of PurpleBowFox on Etsy makes the sweetest handmade baby gifts. Blankets, bibs, pacifier clips and more! I especially love her diaper straps and recently bought one to use with Elizabeth’s diapers. I use both cloth and disposable with her at home, but only disposable while we’re out. I’m still not quite ready to take on cloth while away from the house! Anyway, Erika’s strap has finally helped me to organize my diapers and wipes in my bag a little bit better. :)


Before now, I’d been keeping them in the same general area of the bag as each other, but not completely together. In fact, there’ve been a few times when a blowout has occurred and I needed supplies fast but misplaced one or the other (diapers or wipes) and had to scramble to find them – talk about frustrating!

Having a diaper strap allows them to stay together while remaining easy to access. PurpleBowFox straps hold four to five disposables & wipes OR a few cloth diapers & wipes.

cloth-in-strapAnd I just love the cute designs of her straps. Not just the one I chose for me (see above), but also the rest in her shop. Which leads me to the fun part of the post! It’s giveaway time!!

Erika has graciously provided two diaper straps, so that two of my readers can win one!


To enter, simply comment below about the state of your purse or diaper bag. Are you organized, or could you use a little help? Feel free to enter for yourself or to win it as a gift (an expectant friend or relative, perhaps?)

You can also earn extra entries for following PurpleBowFox on social media. Check her out on Instagram and Twitter! To get credit for following, be sure to include your username(s) in your comment below. ^_^

Please enter between now and Thursday, October 20, 2016. The winners will be randomly selected and announced on Friday, October 21st.

You must be at least 18 years of age and a resident of the continental United States to enter. For more information about giveaways hosted on Living Lighter in Atlanta, please click here.

Good Luck!

23 thoughts on “PurpleBowFox Diaper Strap *Giveaway* (Ends Oct 20th)”

      1. She is 4 months old now. Her name is Violet. My purse is organized but it still gets junky. I have to clean it out pretty often and remove old receipts, gum wrappers, etc.

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  1. I love giveaways! I totally want to enter. Okay, so – my diaper bag is quite disheveled, to be perfectly honest. Everything is absolutely everywhere. And purse? What purse? My wallet has become lost in the abyss of what is – or should be – my diaper bag. And my diaper bag is actually a Vera Bradley blue floral tote bag that I had lying around, because I wasn’t using it for anything else. LOL Also, if I win, this will obviously be for me to get my life together! lol I would prefer the Chevron gold/white one, as I have a boy :) Thank you, and good luck to all!

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  2. The diaper straps are so cute! I don’t even have grandchildren still in diapers but someone will be very lucky when she wins! I learn so much about the “newfangled” things they have now by reading the blogs of young moms. Thank you!

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  3. I will enter the drawing. I am currently using a bag given to me from my hospital’s birth center. It has some zippered pockets on the sides, and one large zippered area in the center. Being a mom to a 2 year old in diapers and a 1 month old, I need the space. Right now I keep diapers in one side pocket, where I try to keep the large ones to one side and smalls on the other. Unfortunately the wipes and changing mat have to go in the large pocket with the extra clothes, blankets and toys. It can be difficult to gather what I need quickly in those all too frequent blowout situations.;) I could see a strap like this being useful for my breastpump supplies, or keeping the newborn onesies separate from the big boy clothes in my bag too.

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    1. I’ve never had two in diapers at the same time – I can imagine your bag is definitely well stocked! And yeah, I think you would love her strap (I like the creative spin you will put on it!!)

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      1. It gets crazy with 2 in diapers, especially when we’re out on shopping trips. My husband is usually changing one while I change the other.
        The 2 year old is showing interest in the potty, so hopefully we’ll just be changing the newborn soon.

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