Thoughts and Happenings

Thoughts & Happenings 10/11

living lighter thoughts

Well, I’m totally disappointed!! No one has entered the giveaway I’m hosting yet. :( Maybe yesterday was just too busy a day for most people to stop by? If that was the case for you, definitely check it out HERE! :D

I’m not sure, but I think I may have found the solution to my organization problem! I’m now using a planner. And, I know, it seems like an obvious solution, but it’s never worked for me before! I put a new (to me) spin on it and made it finally work. ^_^ I’ll have to share more about it in the coming weeks.

So, baby update…

Elizabeth is 16 weeks old and such a precious little squish! Ooh, I love her so much!! Let’s see, she now happily stands in her walker, dabbles in the johnny-jump-up a little, rolls from back to tummy and tummy to back, grabs toys and shoves them in her mouth, laughs at me on occasion, and is drooling everywhere!!

Well, I’ve no more time to chat this morning as it’s going to be a beautiful day in the 70’s and I want to get my work done early so we can go out and enjoy it! Have a great day ♥

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