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Day in the Life (October 2016)


October 13, 2016

It was 7:30am when I forced myself out of bed. I’d fully intended to get up an hour earlier but my hand betrayed me and pressed not just “snooze,” but “dismiss.” And so I slept. When I did finally get up, I went to the kitchen and poured myself a cup of coffee and scowled a little bit when I remembered that I would be adding almond milk to it instead of half & half (in hopes of figuring out if dairy is the cause of Elizabeth’s eczema). It didn’t taste awful, though, so I was fine.

I sat down to my laptop and read a few blog posts before Samuel was up, too, and saying good morning to me as he made his way to the couch with his blankie. I woke Maggie and Joshua up at 8:45 even though, really, I should have already woken them as soon as I got up (but the complete silence is just too good to pass up).

Elizabeth was still peacefully sleeping in my bed and I contemplated waking her because at this point I was seriously engorged since she hadn’t nursed at all since 10:30 the night before. But, I decided I’d take a quick shower and have Maggie listen out for her and then I’d wake her if she still hadn’t woken.


e-morningAt 9:15, I got the laundry going and did a mini cleanup of the bathrooms before I went back to my bed and helped the little sleeping beauty stretch. She’s always so cute when she wakes up, and so ravenous! She nursed on the right side at 9:35 and then played with her toys (and blew raspberries) in the walker while I ate breakfast and generally took care of things in the kitchen.


Samuel played Roblox on my laptop while Maggie and Joshua did their chores. Since we were having a light school week and Stephen took the van to work, I wasn’t in a big hurry for them to get things done. I changed Elizabeth from her pajamas to her cloth diaper and side snap tee. By 10:30, she was ready to eat again and so was Samuel, so I fixed his snack of goldfish crackers and yogurt and then I called Stephen at work. While I talked, she nursed on the left side. The big kids had something to eat as well and they did some of their schoolwork.

crib-awakeAfter Elizabeth was done nursing, I put her in her crib to give my back a break for a few minutes. She was happy there…until she wasn’t (lol). So, then we walked around a bit and at 11:00 I turned on Baby Beethoven for her to watch in the bouncer while I put on my makeup. She was still quite happy when I was finished so I started one of my projects for the day: organizing a few of the holiday containers. During this time, Maggie continued doing school in her room and Joshua headed outside to ride his bike.

I changed Elizabeth’s diaper at 11:25 and then put her back in her crib, this time to sleep. She fell asleep quickly.

crib-asleepWhile I went to work on the laundry again, Samuel got dressed and joined Joshua outside. They decided to make a small “campfire” in the front yard and were both disappointed to learn that we didn’t have any marshmallows in the house.


While they were outside doing that, and Elizabeth was still sleeping in her bed, Maggie and I reviewed some vocabulary in the living room. While reviewing, I happened to see a lizard, seemingly trapped between one of the windows and the screen so I let the boys know there was a rescue mission to be had once their fire had died down. When they went to the back porch, though, it was found that the lizard was not actually trapped, but rather one of the screens was broken. :|

At 12:05, the boys came inside and Elizabeth woke up. Not sure if that was a coincidence or not, but I suppose it makes no difference! We hung out for a few minutes and then she was clearly ready to nurse again. I fed her on the right side and when I went to burp her afterward, I saw that I should have checked my nursing pad placement because I’d leaked on the left side. Oh well, life with a baby!


Maggie and Joshua got back to their lessons and I went to have lunch while Elizabeth sat nearby watching. A little while later, Samuel and Maggie played a computer game together so she could help him and Joshua helped me fold some clothes. By 1:15, my back needed a break again, and she was fussy, so I turned on Baby Neptune. She was only briefly happy, so I enlisted Joshua’s help and he took her onto the front porch to sit. I took care of miscellaneous house stuff and cloth diapers.

Maggie joined Joshua and Elizabeth outside while I asked Samuel to get off of Roblox. He got quite mad that he had to get off even though I’d given him fair warning and so he went to timeout. (It’s really pretty amazing how well timeout works with him at the moment. He can be terribly mad but then timeout seems to calm him down quickly.) They came inside at ten ’til two and Elizabeth was ready to nurse and go to sleep. This time I put her on her tummy so she’d sleep longer.


Samuel finally had lunch while watching The Brady Bunch at the table. Maggie and Joshua went outside to throw the football around and then Sam spotted them, quickly finished his lunch, and joined them.


Maggie decided it would be a good time to work on some of the things she’s learning for photography class so she asked to practice poses with Samuel and he agreed. Here are some of the shots she took of him:



While they were outside, I straightened up inside and then I put my feet up and read Everyone is Beautiful for about a half an hour. It was glooooorrrrrious!


At 3:00, Joshua came inside to call his friend and play a computer game with him. I made a Jello dessert with fruit cocktail for us to have after dinner and then I organized another holiday container. Elizabeth was still asleep at 4:00, so I offered to play ball with Joshua. We did football for a bit but then my shoulder had had enough, so we played basketball instead.


Elizabeth finally woke up at 4:30 and she was more than ready to eat! After feeding her, we watched an episode of I Love Lucy with Maggie and Samuel had a snack. Maggie and I took turns holding her and then at 5:30, the kids all went outside to play with the neighbors.

I started making dinner at 5:45, after putting Elizabeth in the bouncer. I turned on Baby Beethoven again for her and she was none too pleased, but I couldn’t hold her the whole time I cooked because my back had really begun to ache. She wasn’t crying but definitely fussing.


Around 6:00, I picked her up and somehow finished making the sloppy joes. Fifteen minutes later, Stephen got home. And fifteen minutes after that, Elizabeth needed to eat again so I sat in the glider and relaxed while feeding her. Thankfully, dinner was finished, so nothing burnt! While I was sitting there, two Cub Scouts came to the house asking if we’d like to buy popcorn or trail mix. Stephen bought some caramel corn. ^_^



We ate dinner and then I got Samuel in the bath while Maggie and Stephen took turns holding Elizabeth. After his bath, he watched one episode of Gummi Bears on my bed before requesting to go to sleep (which rarely happens).


So I took him to his room and helped him get to bed and then I went to bed with Elizabeth. Often times, I get up after getting her to sleep, but not this night. I stayed right there and slept with her.

Thanks for following along! 

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