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An Organized Minimalist and *Giveaway* Results!

Sometimes I have to hold myself back because I would love to own ALL the organizational tools out there! I find it extremely satisfying to have things in nice, tidy containers and baskets. But I also love minimalistic living so it’s a fine line I walk, indeed, lol. I used to think if things were organized and everything had a place that I didn’t have too much stuff, but I now know how wrong that is! Yes, everything needs its place, but I don’t need everything!

The diaper straps I offered in a recent giveaway are a great tool to keep diaper bag chaos to a minimum and they themselves are small, homemade, and inexpensive. Perfect for an organized minimalist like me, haha.

And the results are in!! The two winners of PurpleBowFox‘s diaper straps are:

Breastfeeding Bistro and Pantsuitsmom

Congratulations, ladies!!

I just know you’re going to love using her strap as much as I do! It’s such a cute and helpful addition to my bag. ^_^

Erika’s straps are lovely and inexpensive, so go check out her Etsy shop and pick one up for yourself if you weren’t one of the lucky winners this time. And be looking out for another giveaway coming up soon on Living Lighter in Atlanta!!

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