Thoughts and Happenings

Thoughts & Happenings 10/24/16

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Stephen was home this weekend so we went north to mountain-filled Ellijay to visit an apple orchard on Saturday. We stopped in Jasper for lunch on the way because traffic got a little rough as we got closer to the city. Jasper is a (very) small town so it was nice and quiet as we ate our packed lunches in a little benched area. Even at 1pm, it was quite cool because of the near constant wind gusts! I was glad then that we hadn’t left early in the morning otherwise it would have been much cooler.

Once we got up to Ellijay, we (I) drove through winding mountain roads and took in the beauty of autumn as we looked out onto the expanse of colors. It was gorgeous! We arrived at the apple orchard and it was extremely busy. I was happy, though, that they had things organized enough, and well-staffed enough to handle large crowds. Everything went really well.

apple-orchardThe kids enjoyed activities like milking a cow, jumping on a giant trampoline, and zip-lining! We also took a wagon ride down to the orchards and picked a few apples (but decided we’d buy more in their store because there were so few on the trees). It was a lot of fun and we left thoroughly tired, lol.


I always love the change from summer to fall, and I was glad we waited until the end of the month to go to the orchards as we were truly able to enjoy the cool weather and the beauty of the season. ♥


Happy Fall!

4 thoughts on “Thoughts & Happenings 10/24/16”

      1. We never found the orchard! We drove all around and finally called but no answer. Guess we will go up to Ellijay, just such a long ride.


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