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Four Month Update

Elizabeth is four months old today. ♥ Goodness, how time (while not pregnant) does fly! And so, an update is in order!  ^_^

She has been a precious addition to our family, for sure. Her personality has, especially in this last month, started really showing more and we love it. She is a feisty yet happy child. Interesting combination, right?

  • She smiles so easily and joyfully all during the day but she also lets us know her preferences, such as DO NOT SIT in the evening!! ;)
  • She has become very vocal and coos at her favorite toys and at all of us frequently.
  • She loves watching I Love Lucy and Baby Einstein. lol
  • She complains adamantly as I put her in her carseat but then does fine in the van. :P
  • She loves having lotion rubbed on her legs. She has eczema so this happens a lot, much to her delight.
  • She laughs when I turn my head away from her and then quickly turn back to her, startling her and saying, “boo!”
  • She likes standing in her walker for about ten minutes before she wants to be picked up again.
  • She grabs toys easily and brings them to her mouth.
  • She is drooling a LOT.
  • She likes being outside.
  • She is, perhaps, going through a growth spurt because she has started waking at 2am-ish to nurse and also frequently nursing on both sides during the day (which is new).
  • She stares at my food with interest.
  • She splashes happily in the bath.
  • When I reach to pick her up, she leans in with her head, to help.
  • She gets very excited when Stephen gets home from work and gives her attention.
  • She is still a tummy sleeper.
  • She can roll both ways, but doesn’t do it all that often.
  • She is nearly bald, lol.
  • She weighs a little over 16lbs.4-month-collage

A few posts about her:

My last pregnancy update.

Announcing her arrival, from my hospital bed.

Her birth story, describing her entrance into the world.

The first week postpartum, recovering my c-section with her.

Happy four months, sweetie pie!

8 thoughts on “Four Month Update”

  1. Congratulations, she is beautiful! Being a mother is one of lifes greatest rewards. I can’t wait to read your other aposts pertaining to having her! Richi also complains as I put him in his car seat and then loves the car rides ☺ Babies sure are funny!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. She’s just perfect and I love that she gets excited when Stephen gets home! Daddies are so very important! It’s so cute that she “helps” you when you lean in to pick her up! I can practically smell that sweet baby smell on her neck! Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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