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Crocheted Baby Beanie

My sweet little Elizabeth was born at the end of June and has, over the last four months, lost nearly all of her hair. She is quite bald now (lol), just as we are entering the coolest part of the year, so we are going to be needing to keep her little head warm.

I’ve been really eager to try new sewing projects lately, but I haven’t been spending any time at all on another hobby of mine – crocheting! So, late one night last week (while browsing Etsy), I decided that I needed to learn how to make a simple hat for Elizabeth instead of buying one. I thought, if all these Etsy ladies can do it, I probably can, too!

A few minutes later I’d found a brilliant video on YouTube showing me step-by-step how to make a crocheted beanie. The next day, I bought two skeins of yarn, one pastel pink and the other a snowy white. And that afternoon I began crocheting.


I first made a 0-6 months size hat but it ended up being too small. This is definitely not because she has a large head (she doesn’t) but rather, because I tend to stitch tightly and I also used a smaller than recommended hook for this project. Oh well, try again…

I could’ve just used a bigger hook (and loosened my stitch) and probably have gotten a nice fit with 0-6 months but I actually decided to make a 6-12 months size because it will still be winter when she passes the six month mark.


One thing I noticed right away with my second attempt was that my work was lying flat, unlike the first, which curved slightly from the tightness. So, I knew I had improved!


When I added first “length” row, it curved beautifully – which it was supposed to do. And inwardly, I cheered!

I love how it turned out. I may learn to crochet flowers/frills for embellishments but for now, a simple beanie will keep my sweet girl warm and this mama happy.



Do you crochet?

13 thoughts on “Crocheted Baby Beanie”

  1. Oh I love this! I was in love with crocheting around the time when I was 12-13. I have since lost touch with that once loved hobby. I’d very much like to re-learn it, but not only that – I would love to learn how to do it the right way and do more than crochet a straight line. I would love to learn how to make some hats! And a sweater for the baby, and blankets! Do you still have the link to the video?

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    1. How cool that you learned so young! I learned how to crochet when I was just over twenty and over the years I’ve learned a lot of stiches, and made a number of afghans, but this is my first “round” project – I can’t believe that I actually did it! lol The link to her video is in this post (in bold). ^_^

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  2. Well done! – a baby beanie for my niece was one of the first projects I attempted – it also took me two attempts. Definitely have a go at a rose or something they’re not that hard and will look great. I love etsy for patterns and you tube is how I taught myself in the first place. Have fun! :)

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  3. I crochet a bit….mostly straight lines. ;) I knit baby hats with a round loom, and that is super easy. They work up quickly and turn out cute. I like to use the self striping yarn so they don’t need special details or stitches to look finished. I try to knit with straight needles too, but again I just do straight lines.

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  4. What a sweet little beanie to match a sweet little girl! So special to crochet one yourself. I don’t know how to crochet but I have done a tiny bit of knitting in the past, with the help of others. I knitted a couple of baby jumpers for nephews.

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