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Everyone is Beautiful ~ A Book Review

2481019by Katherine Center

I enjoyed this book almost as much as I loved Center’s, The Bright Side of Disaster. Her characters are so relatable and funny! The situations they find themselves in, and the problems they solve, are unique but not so farfetched as to be unbelievable.

I liked it only slightly less than the other book simply because the plot was unclear for a good three fourths of it! I mean, it just seemed like we (the readers) were getting to view the main character’s life, but that there wasn’t an actual “problem” waiting to be solved. That changed near the end, and I enjoyed the way things worked out so I do still recommend it. ^_^

It’s definitely a good book for moms because it deals with the daily happenings of raising young children, how we view our post-baby body, and how having kids affects marriage/romance. It’s a great reminder to spend time on ourselves (including our husbands!), which can easily be forgotten with little ones running around.


Elena ~ very likeable and relatable…a mother of three who sets out to change her life by pursuing new interests

Amanda ~ very likeable…she is Elena’s outspoken and funny friend whose life seems perfect – until it isn’t

Peter ~ semi-likeable…he is a musician and the love of Elena’s life who tries to support his wife while also moving forward in his own career

Nora ~ semi-likeable…she is the widowed neighbor downstairs who isn’t exactly keen on having the new family in her building but ends up being part of their lives eventually

Alexander, Toby, and Baby Sam ~ likeable…they are Elena and Peter’s three hyper and mischievous young sons who get into all kinds of trouble

Nelson ~ likeable…a newly divorced guy who keeps turning up in Elena’s life in unusual ways


Elena has just moved to a new city with her husband and their three young sons when someone asks her a question at the playground which brings her to a new low and then prompts her to change her life. Over the next several weeks and months, she meets new people, begins taking on new activities/hobbies, and unintentionally challenges the strength of her marriage. She begins looking at beauty (and herself) differently, and finds that her life does change, but not in the way she’d intended.

do I recommend it? yes!

…if you like realistic fiction

…if you like humor

…if you don’t mind some bad language

…if marriage and motherhood are of interest to you

…if you enjoy photography and/or piano

Check this book out:



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